Monday, January 17, 2011

Let the Randomnimity Begin Anew

Way back when this blog was alive and thriving, every now and then I'd post some randomnimity. This consisted of several random unrelated blurbs which by themselves I considered too short to be a blog post. Let them begin again!

  • I am thankfully still employed and work for the same company, but for a completely different program. It is nice because my work building now has windows, albeit only at the north and south ends of the building, which is actually just a glorified production hangar. It is not so nice because the bathrooms are not as nice as those belonging to snazzy fighter jet program buildings. It is nice because I can telecommute. It is not nice because I can telecommute. Overall, I think the positives of being able to telecommute outweigh the negatives. It is nice because I work on the 4th floor, so I get a little bit of extra exercise every day. It is not so nice because I work on the 4th floor.

  • I have a new nephew who was born yesterday, so that means we share a birthday. Mid-January is allegedly a nice time to be born. This is one birthday I won't have trouble remembering, unless I start forgetting my own, which I did for about an hour yesterday morning.

  • I have completed my master's degree in systems engineering. In time, you will learn to call me "Master."

  • It annoys me when people mix up "your / you're." "Your welcome." My welcome what? Perhaps you referring to my overdue and welcome rant that your grammar is awful. If I were looking at your McDonald's job application, I would reject it outright.

  • When you're a teenager, you know everything. When you get older, you know better. The more I observe teenagers and other children (mostly the teenagers), the more I realize that, indeed, folly is bound up on the heart of a child. I used to be much more dogmatic about various things. Since I have proven wrong more than a few times in my life (my grades in some of my physics classes will verify this), and since I have been there and done that, I think I have lightened up considerably.

  • Speaking of low grades in physics classes, my lowest grade ever was a 10 on an electrodynamics test. That's 10 out of 100. My previous low was an 18/100 on a stellar astrophysics test (I did not really expect that I would have to memorize large portions of the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram). Can you beat that? You have to have actually tried to do well on the test instead of throwing it on purpose, and it is not limited to physics tests. There will be no prizes involved, because, wow, really? You got less than or equal to a 9?

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  • Sherry

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  • Sherry

    Lots of very good posts. Where to begin? Congratulations! And I can't remember my lowest grade number wise, but I made a D in 2nd semester Organic Chemistry and I failed Microbiology (it was technically a D as NCSU had just gone to an ABC/No Credit grading system. Traditional grades A 90-100, B 80-89, C 70-79. Below 70 was failing at this time). Quite humiliating for a Biology major (& ultimately I am sure, kept me from getting into Grad School in the sciences).