Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recent Facebook statuses

For my few remaining readers who do not also check my facebook status (I think that amounts to just my dad). So for the benefit of my dad, who misses all of these cute moments....

All day today, whenever I give something to Pearl she says "코마와!" (A slightly convoluted version of the Korean for "thank you") I wonder what made her suddenly start saying that instead of "thank you"?

What initially looked like random scribbles in my crossword book turn out to be remarkably consistent: small scribbles in individual squares, scribbles over the clue numbers "marking them off", and sprawling scribbles in the margins making "notes". I didn't realize she paid so much attention to what I was doing...

Pearl: Voldemort good, Harry Potter likes him!

Umm... She seems to have missed a key point.... ;-)

She must sleep better with a clean conscience. Pearl's last words before falling asleep tonight: "Pearl say 미안해. I throw dirt on Luna. 미안해, Luna."

(미안해 means 'I'm sorry'. And the most recent dirt incident occurred several days ago.)

Watching little girls attempt to dance like ballerinas must be one of the funniest spectacles in the world.

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2 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Alan

    What a precocious child!

    BTW, what is Facebook?

  • Birdie

    How adorable!

    Watching little boys try to sword fight is pretty funny, too. This is especially true when the "swords" are flyswatters.