Saturday, November 11, 2006

About Our Labels

This is probably way overdue, but this is a page explaining the details of our blog labels. Some of the labels are quite obvious, so I will expound on the ones that are not so self-explanatory, then list all of our labels.

Admin details
Administrative details. If a post talks about problems with the blog itself, changes, or solicitations for advice/criticism, it will have this label.

Posts in which we discuss differences between us and the general population. Probably overlaps with This World is Not My Home posts; the difference is that Counter-culture posts are not necessarily religion-related.

Non-Text Media
Any post that features pictures or video prominently.

Our Life
Sometimes these posts can fall into the "filler" category (useful for when blogging times are slow). Usually contain some sort of update on our life.

Public Service
Usually "public service" posts are collections of notable or useful links and/or websites.

Posts which are too focused and too long to be Randomnimity. Usually involves some sort of Deep Thought (tm).

This World Is Not My Home
These posts highlight some sort of difference between our Christian standards and the world's standards.

All Labels:

  • admin details

  • Christianity

  • counter-culture

  • education

  • family

  • food

  • frugality

  • fun

  • gardening

  • health

  • interracial

  • Korean

  • Luna

  • music

  • non-text media

  • our life

  • politics and junk and stuff

  • pop-culture

  • public service

  • randomnimity

  • ruminations

  • This world is not my home

  • weddings

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