Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan for the week of 3/21/11

It's spring! Something about these first few weeks of spring makes me want to eat Vietnamese, Thai, and Greek food. This week it's going to be spring rolls and basil fried rice. Next week it'll probably be souvlaki. Mmm, souvlaki.... But first we have to eat the roast I bought back when it was still cold here down here. :-)

Monday - roast beef, carrots, and potatoes with onions; roasted brussels sprouts
Tuesday - roast beef and vegetables
Wednesday - Vietnamese fresh spring rolls
Thursday - Vietnamese fresh spring rolls
Friday - basil fried rice + coconut soup
Saturday - basil fried rice + coconut soup
Sunday - kimchi fried rice

Lunches for JunkMale will be leftovers or kimbap. Lunches for me and Pearl will be sandwiches. Breakfasts for JunkMale will be egg and cheese sandwiches. Breakfasts for me and Pearl will be oatmeal and eggs.

My shopping list for the week:
bean sprouts
Thai chili peppers
laver (seaweed for kimbap)
dill pickles
hoisin sauce
imitation crab leg meat
chicken broth
lime juice (or limes, depending on price)
boneless pork chops
bacon or ham for kimchi fried rice
Korean red pepper paste (if the new Asian store near our house carries it - it's run by a Filipino woman)
fruit, if it's on sale
potato chips (don't judge, lol)
peanut butter crackers
granola bars
crispy rice cereal
something for dessert

With some smart shopping, this should come in right at budget. If I have to cut my shopping short to just two stores it'll probably go over, but no more than $10.

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