Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Some Reasons Why I Need a Woman

1. Subtracting food that Harmony lovingly makes for me, my diet consists largely of the following:

  • Cereal (cereal is great for bachelorhood).
  • Eggs (eggs are great for bachelorhood).
  • Doctored up Ragu sauce and spaghetti (this is what daddy will make for the kids some time in the future when mommy's sick). When I make this, I make enough for a month. I might switch to an organic sauce because I was disappointed to find out that Ragu uses corn syrup. Fake = bad.
  • Chips and salsa.
  • Raw vegetables because I wouldn't know what to do with them otherwise.
  • EDIT: I forgot one important part of my bachelor diet - hot sauce (habanero Tabasco or Sontava).
For some reason, I am a big sissy in the kitchen. I'm afraid to try cooking new things. Either that or I'm lazy. I am an unfortunate combination of lazy cook and mild health freak.

2. When I am folding my own laundry, I feel as if there's no bigger waste of my time. For some reason, I hate folding laundry that much. I think I lose a month off my life everytime I have to do my own laundry. Here, I am an unfortunate combination of laundry hater and one who dislikes wrinkly clothing.

3. I want my own kids! Cute little girls and tough little boys! The only unfortunate combination here is that I want children, but am currently unmarried for the next 1.5 weeks(!!)

Big Number 4: God said "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."

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