Sunday, January 07, 2007

Banes of My Existence, Part I

  • Toilets that are too high.
  • Bathrooms that are more than 50 paces from my desk at work.
  • Stuff on top rack of dishwasher always still has beads of water on them, even if I leave it for a day.
  • Weddings, especially your own (haha, no more worrying about that!).
  • Having three groomsmen who act like rowdy two year olds (no more worrying about that either).
  • Spiders that emerge from nowhere, that the wife summons me to destroy. (What will she ever do when she encounters one while I'm at work?)
  • Roman raiding parties that somehow slip in undetected to my capital city in Rise of Nations.
  • Income tax.
  • Netgear wireless routers that inexplicably ceased to function.
  • The constant taste of foot-in-my-mouth. Ask Harmony for countless examples.

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  • Iris

    Spiders - that's what I am afraid of when I live by myself. And cockroaches and other creepy-crawly things. The other day I found a silverfish on my wall and a (bigger than usual) spider on the floor. =P