Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This Week's Randomnimity

Another slow day at work. I've already finished my work and now am waiting on other people to finish their tasks so I can take over from there.

Does this actually appeal to people with work ethics and their own families to take care of? Yesterday Harmony and I were talking about the Common Room's Day of Public Schooling (tm). The topic got to school lunches and we reminisced about the sort of lunches we had in public school. When I was in high school, you could go through the school lunch line, or the a la carte line. The a la carte line had items such as pizza, fries, mozarella sticks, and all sorts of other frivolous junk food that had the nutritional value of a cockroach (an insult to cockroaches). Harmony was talking about how in 7th grade, she had personal pan pizzas for lunch every day. My tax dollars go to provide this sort of food for kids? My tax dollars are being wasted on public schools. Except for maybe every now and then, public schools might happen to spawn people who will eventually go on to be responsible citizens/parents and homeschool their own future children. Case in point, the JunkMale and Female, who both largely attended public schools during their compulsory years but now have seen the light.

Voting With My Faith
Actually, I'm not even registered to vote. But if I did, you can be sure that I would vote with my faith. I was listening to a great radio show hosted by a pastor one time and some caller was saying that even though he said he was a Christian, he always separated faith and politics. If you can separate your faith from something like politics, maybe you don't have any.

On Congress
It's quite a good scam they have going. They don't have to work the whole calendar year, they don't even have to work a 5 day week, and the real important thing they do is say yes or no to this or that. And the bottom-of-the-rung Congressman gets paid $165,000. Obi-Wan Kenobi, when asked, had this to say about politicians: "...they are NOT to be trusted." At least the Congressman for our district votes pro-life and is one of the originators of the Fair Tax legislation.

Why I Didn't Like Church When I Was Little
I guess I was a momma's boy, because I didn't like being separated from my mom and put in some strange church classroom when I was little. So I never liked going to church at all when I was little. I found it boring and probably associated it with the negative separated feelings. Among other things, maybe a secure attachment to one's parents can also ward off hating to go to church. Kids are kept in the service at our new church. I appreciate this greatly, even though at times I am distracted. We'll get used to it. I'd much rather attend a church service with kids and be distracted occasionally, than the opposite.

Autoflushing Toilets
...are somewhat pointless, and here's why. Do they exist to prevent the spread of germs? Well, at the bathrooms at work, there are still stall doors which you need to open, and paper towel dispensers which need to be manually operated. And there are also two sequential doors leading into the bathroom. There are still plenty of places for germs to be spread by contact. Do they exist to save water? Then this would be quite a wasted project. At their worst, I've experienced an automatic toilet flushing 4 times while I was in the stall. On average, they flush twice per stall use, I'd say. Or maybe 1.7 times. Maybe the IR sensors are faulty, or maybe my body's heat signature is erratic.

JunkMale Fast Approaches Senility
Twenty four years ago today, JunkMale's mother pushed JunkMale out. And I have increased to a hulking size since then. Any moms out there: isn't it quite daunting to think that "that" was squeezed out of you? If I were a mom, I think I'd be daunted. Then again, if I were a mom, the world would be in a strange predicament. Yes, yes, in fact, today is JunkMale's birthday. When I first came to college and talked to a girl at church who was 20, I said "Wow, you're 20?? That's old." And now I'm 24, married, working, and hopefully gonna start a family sometime soon. Can't wait for that senior citizens' discount.

We Bought Rabbit Ears
The Radio Shack guys were wrong; we do get TV reception at our house. Interestingly enough, we've only used them once since we bought them, and that was the first day we had them.

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  • Iris

    Private school lunches (at least when I left HTA) were a little bit better.

    Family services are wonderful.

    I do not like autoflushing toilets either - they flush too early and sometimes I barely have time to flush the TP that I was using to cover the toilet. So I try to shove the TP (that was covering the seat) into the toilet (w/o trying to touch the toilet, if you can imagine that), and sometimes it's too late and there's a mess of TP left in the toilet. There's no point when you have automatic faucets and the automatic paper towel roll (the kind that come out when it senses your hand underneath it - I love it!). UF even has one bathroom in the student union where they installed an automatic door - when you wave your hand over the sensor, it opens.

    Happy 24th birthday, JunkMale. =)

  • Anonymous

    I must have a ridiculously low infrared footprint, because often those toilets don't want to flush for me at all. I have wave my hands and jump around, and even that takes a while to succeed. *blush*

    As for voting based on faith, on some level I can see a predicament. It would be going too far, I think you would agree, to write laws that required everyone to be baptized. At some point, the law can no longer bind people to doing the right thing, and I suppose different people draw that line at different places.

    To me, the question of where to draw the line is the same as the question of why we have laws. If laws are here only to make sure that all Americans are treated fairly (not robbed or cheated, not assaulted, not killed before they have a chance at life...) then there are a lot of ways faith can influence our votes, but sometimes our belief in what is right (marriage is one man and one woman) would be irrelevant to the issue of fairness. (I guess you could say "I am using a human argument.")

    On the other hand, in country as democratic as ours, the vote gives us the opportunity to influence the culture in which we live. If my state recognizes same-sex relationships as marriages, especially when I am *asked* at the voting booth what I think on the issue, then the state's stand on the issue reflects on me and, maybe more importantly, is what (somebody else's) children will be taught in school. For some kids, it's the only side they'll hear.

    As long as they ask me, I will answer based on my faith, but more for the cultural reason than the justice reason. And I guess I can see why someone would not think the cultural reason holds water. After all, to me it just seems like a nicety ("Wasn't that sweet? They asked me what I thought....")

    *steps off her soapbox* Sorry for the rant but, well, what do you expect when you give me 7 topics to choose from? Surely one of them had to stick....


  • Harmony

    "I must have a ridiculously low infrared footprint, because often those toilets don't want to flush for me at all. I have wave my hands and jump around, and even that takes a while to succeed."

    Haha... me too! Of course, that probably stems from the fact that we have body temperatures that remind other people of Siberia in January.... :P

  • Headmistress, zookeeper

    The main point of those toilets is that they are like mamas, cleaning up after people who don't flush themselves.
    Unless, of course, those people have body temperatures like Siberia in January.