Monday, January 15, 2007

Two Truths and a Lie

Last night we were at a "small group" gathering with members of our new church. Among other things, we did Two Truths and a Lie, which is a game (I guess) where you tell three stories about yourself, one of which is a lie. There was much concern and furrowed brows over whether or not this game was okay or not, but we invoked the "necessary inference" portion of command/example/necessary inference and deemed that it was okay. And of course, that last sentence is in jest, because we're not really that uptight ;) Anyways, here are my two truths and a lie.

1. In my third semester at college, 4 of my church friends and I were renting an apartment for the summer. A Friday night before a Saturday morning church event, we had a bunch of guys spending the night. I had retired to bed early, but awoke in the middle of the night to hideously loud snoring. Eventually, none of the many guys in the apartment could figure out WHO was snoring. We turned on the lights, only to find that none of us had EVER seen this guy before. What turns out is that he had been drunk out of his mind and had stumbled into the right apartment, but wrong floor. We contemplated just throwing him out the door, but eventually made someone wake him up and tell him he was in the wrong place.

2. Also during that summer, a number of friends and I went camping. Among other places, we visited a place that was called Sliding Rock. Apparently some sort of natural rock waterslide thingy. At the visitors' center / ranger station, we got the permits to go hiking into the valley. After a while of hiking, we deduced that we must've passed Sliding Rock, because there was no way the little old lady at the visitors' center could've made it this far in the rough terrain. So we went back to what we thought was Sliding Rock and had our fun slipping and sliding around. Then we saw a park ranger heading our way. Then he asked us to come out the water and gather in front of him. Then he proceeded to tell us that what we had done was illegal. Then he started writing us citations. We were effectively being arrested for violating the terms of our permit, which said that we would not do what we had been doing for the last half hour or so. Somehow though, we got off scot-free, with just warnings.

3. In high school / middle school, a friend and I would go canoeing a lot. We both lived on canalfront houses. The canals connected to a larger waterway system, which eventually met the ocean. We also lived just south of an air force base. At some point in time, the Navy and Air Force were conducting joint training exercises, and for this, a Navy destroyer was in port. Well, we thought it would be cool to try to canoe up to the destroyer and touch it. (This was before the terrorist attack on the USS Cole, BTW) We somehow managed to succeed in touching it, at which point we paddled away as fast as we could.

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  • Iris

    Oooh, I like playing Two Truths and a Lie. I've heard the 1st one before. =) And I know for a fact that the first 4 sentences of #3 are true. Hmm....I shall ask you later?