Monday, March 12, 2007

Just So You Know...

Although I might harp and rail on quite a few different topics on this blog, that does not mean I am doling out condemnation. In fact, quite a few of the topics are disputable non-salvation issues. Here I will debunk some condemnatory topics, just so you can know that we don't think you are destined for Sheol for participation in such activities. In a post that is sure to span a record number of labels, here we go...
EDIT: When I speak of condemnation, I speak of condemnation by God, as referenced in the Bible. We humans have absolutely no power to condemn, of course.

You are NOT condemned for the following:

  • Eating foods containing trans fats. These include diabolical (because they are so good yet so bad) items such as Krispy Kreme donuts, fast food french fries, Cheez-its, Girl Scout cookies, store-bought cake frosting, and the like. However, whichever way your soul might depart in the end (hopefully heavenward), eating mass quantities of such items might mean you are destined to depart earlier.

    <aside> We are bad too...yesterday we had some of our wedding cake. The frosting, although being made by the cake lady herself, contained shortening, which is purportedly necessary for some reason. </aside>

  • Eating foods which have ingredient lists spanning the entire height of the packaging.

  • Eating fast food. The JunkMale family has, on rare occasions, been sighted entering various Wendy's or Chik-Fil-A franchises. In their defense, the JunkMale family stated that they were under dire circumstances. According to the Wendy's website's handy-dandy nutrition info, if I were to consume 9 Spicy Chicken sandwiches, I would've consumed at least 1.0 grams of trans fat. *sighs* The least of the filling evils, I suppose. Oh, and one is not entirely safe with salads either.

  • Being a working mom or two-income couple. By corollary, putting your children in daycare. You will not go to hell for putting your children in daycare. As one size rarely fits all, we try to extend grace to those in different life situations.

  • Never buying organic/local food. We don't always buy it either, but we do buy if it's not too much more expensive than the regular. e are, however, looking forward to produce stand season. (for unmentionables like Cheetos or Doritos, there is no option for us but the organic/natural varieties)

  • Having cable TV service. Sometimes we wish we had it too.

  • Putting your kids in socialist (public) schools. Especially since we ourselves were socialistically indoctrinated for much, if not all of our pre-collegiate education. Surely only bad children with bad parents would condemn their own parents. Again, one size rarely fits all, although that phrase itself presents a good case against public (i.e. socialistic) education.

  • Caring more than I do about the daily life of Ms. Spears or Lohan or whoever. Don't you have better things to do though? (Sorry, I couldn't resist doting)

  • Liking action movies or computer games depicting various forms and levels of violence. It would be hypocritical of me to negatively judge others for liking such things, for I do as well.

  • Liking Star Wars or Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia. If these are things that earn you swift condemnation, then the JunkMale family is in loads of trouble. We do not think that dabbling in these universes is worthy of condemnation, and your view is allowed to differ, of course.

These are all just my opinions, which are open to discussion, if you'd desire. The only thing that really matters is how much my opinions line up with the Bible. And where mine or your's don't match up, I hope God will extend grace.

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  • Laura

    "eating mass quantities of such items might mean you are destined to depart earlier"

    I have been a longtime lurker here, but this one has brought me out of hiding!! Very funny!

    I also enjoyed Harmony's post about Korean/Southern cultures.

    (Originally came here from The Common Room several months ago.)