Friday, March 30, 2007

More Admin Details, and Public Service

Moved the external links to the bottom of the sidebar. I've linked the people who come often to our humble blog. If you come here often and want your blog linked, comment here and let me know. Or if you are reclusive and don't want people coming to your blog, first of all, why do you have a blog? And second of all, let me know and I will remove your link.

This public service bit of humorous observation is brought to you by JunkMale:
You know how sometimes you see those criminal work crews by the sides of the road? Good that they are "repaying their debt" to society. There are usually bright signs by them saying things like "County Jail Workers." Sometimes I see those signs...but I don't see any jail workers. This worries me.

More public service in the form of free MP3s of hymns.
Kleinwood Church of Christ (lots of songs, quality's not bad)
Church of Greenville (very good quality, doctrine is a bit...hardline)
Lafayette Church of Christ
Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs
Mormons sing some of God's greatest hits (and insert some hits of their own, such as "Joseph Smith's First Prayer")
Plymouth Church of Christ hymn recordings (bad to horrible quality, but at least they're there)
Linary Church of Christ
Byzantine choir chant (haven't listened to much at all, but it could be good)

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