Thursday, March 15, 2007

We Found One!

Last night was a good night at church. We finally found a homeschooling family at our own church! Actually, considering our church is not *that* big, it's probably our own fault that we didn't find them until now. Harmony initiated the conversation by asking about the woman's baby sling. And then from there it was slowly revealed that they do a lot of things that we're going to do/use when we have kids, like doulas, baby slings, cloth diapers, natural childbirth (if at all possible), organic foods when affordable, and stay-at-home mom-ing. Then the final point was that they homeschooled, and that really made our night.

On an It's-A-Small-World note, she recognized the name of one Teresa Howard, who is the head doula of Labor of Love Doula and Childbirth Services. Teresa also happens to go to church with Harmony's parents' and has known them since back before Harmony was born (she said once that she knew Harmony when she was just an ovum).

Previously, we had just resigned ourselves over to the fact that maybe we'd just be the lone homeschooling family in our church, when our future kids were ready for school (notice I said "ready" and not "school-age"). While there were lots of kids always running around before and after service, it seemed (for some reason) unlikely to me that any of them would be homeschoolers. But then there was that one lady who had three young kids and always had the youngest in a sling. Well. Should've introduced ourselves earlier. Oh and they're a scientist/engineer couple as well (except they're reversed from us...she's the scientist-by-college-degree and he's the engineer).

She runs a website that sells a bunch of that baby stuff that we will probably end up using. If anyone's in the market for some, go to Frog and Elephant Baby Supplies. If Frog/Elephant Mom should happen to come by, feel free to leave a message on here, so we know you visited.

Of course, if you don't know us in person, this excited blog post probably hasn't had the slightest effect on your own daily life ;)

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  • Myfriendconnie

    I'm excited for you! We are the only homeschooling family at church. And the only ones with more that 2 children. And the only ones who don't put our kids in the youth group. And the only ones with a stay at home mom.

  • JunkMale

    I suspect that your situation is more and more common these days.

    I don't think our church has a youth group, per se. On Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, we do have separate Bible classes for the younger ones. But for the invitations on Wednesdays and the regular Sunday morning/evening services, there is no separate Sunday school for kids (I fully support family-integrated church). I think the general atmosphere, though, is that parents should teach their children the Bible.

    Our church does have some families who have more than 2 kids. I can only recall 3 of them right now. One family is expecting #4, which I believe they admit was a "surprise." As for stay-at-home moms, I'm less sure about that.

    Never waver, Connie (as if you needed me to tell you that). You never know when some other "weird" young couple will join your church yearning for personal fellowship with like-minded people.

  • Birdie

    We've been the only homeschooling family in our church before. It isn't all bad. It certainly gave us an opportunity to educate others!

    We are big fans of family-integrated churches, too, and always keep our little people with us. Of course, some of our "little people" are now BIGGER than we are...

  • La

    Yay! I'm delighted to hear this. Now I'm going to be on the lookout for baby slings at my new church when I move. (Haha, call my skeptical... but I think I'd settle for someone without a Hillary sticker on the baby's bottle. Even if there's formula in that bottle. *grin*)

  • Myfriendconnie

    Thanks, JM. It is nice to be encouraged now and again.

    I would love to meet some other "weirdos"!

  • Tammy L

    Oh, fun!! :) It's always an exciting blessing to meet someone like-minded who lives CLOSE. :D