Saturday, March 10, 2007

"X" History Months

March is Women's History Month. It also happens to be National Frozen Food Month. I find it quite humorous that these two occur in the same month. The rise of feminism coinciding with the rise of frozen foods? Maybe not too much of a coincidence. Now, not all frozen food is bad. In fact, we make use of frozen food quite a bit. The difference is that our frozen food is almost all prepared by my own wife.

As long as there is no White History Month, I am quite opposed to celebrating any of these history months. Why do we not recognize white people for their accomplishments, which are legion?

I do not celebrate Asian History Month in any way. In fact, I don't even know which month it is. I sincerely hope that I am never given recognition such as "Asian Engineer of the Year." For one thing, I admit that it would be very difficult for me to turn down a résumé padder like that. But if I'm going to be recognized for excellence, I do not want to be recognized with a caveat that I am Asian. How long before we have "LGBT Engineer of the Year," "Dog-Owning Engineer of the Year," or "Honda-Driving Engineer of the Year" awards? No doubt if society continues this downward spiral that is the self-esteem movement, that we will eventually have such ridiculous "recognitions." I sincerely hope I will never recognize such ridiculous things. *huff and puff*


(having good self-esteem is a good thing, but not when the self-esteem is built on stupid things...nor is it good to abandon all pursuits but self-esteem. Reference socialism and the quality of public education, the two of which are probably closely related)

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