Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Terrorist Homeschoolers!

Michelle Malkin has written about a mock terrorism drill in a public school district in Michigan.

Read the story here, although at your own risk. High blood pressure and reduced lifespan might occur.

Get this: in order to not offend Muslims, the terrorists were not portrayed as Muslims, a.k.a. followers of a false and violent religion. Instead, the terrorists were portrayed as Christian homeschooling "extremists." Interesting how they want to cater to and pamper Muslims, the ones most likely to commit terrorist acts, while at the same time virtually striving to offend Christians.

Let's go over a fact. A supermajority of terrorist acts in the world are committed by whom? Followers of the false religion of Islam. Who are the ones who have been signing up as school bus drivers? You got it.

Suppose the evil NEA had anything to do with things?

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  • Birdie

    I read a different article about it, but had pretty much the same reaction. I didn't notice homeschooling mentioned in the article I had read. The one I read said that the father of a Christian student was angry because his daughter had been suspended for praying before class. Either way, the scenario seems pretty far-fetched.

  • La

    It would seem that propaganda is the weapon of choice in this war, at least on American soil. Sometimes I wonder what side the Left is on...