Friday, April 27, 2007

Church = Party on Sunday?

What would you think about a church that advertises itself on billboards with messages like "Party on Sunday, 10AM" or "Happy Hour, Sunday 10AM"? A church near our house advertises in such a manner.

A few things first. I have not ever been to this place. I am not "judging" whether or not these people are true Christians or not. That's not for me to decide. Just like in all other churches, they probably have people that run the gamut, from very committed to nonchalant. However, I do look critically at the general attitude portrayed by this church.

I can't condemn these attitudes as unbiblical because I can't find any direct Biblical statement saying "Church shall not be funfunfun all the time." However, am I not free to express a slight bit of disapproval? I believe the chief purpose of meeting for church on Sundays is to worship God. But of course it is...who doesn't think that? A secondary one is fellowship for the mutual encouragement of the members. I personally think it can be slightly dangerous if funfunfun begins to take priority over worshipping. I think it can be a bit misguided to believe that you have not worshipped properly unless you were reduced to a tearful mess, especially if that tearful mess is not accompanied by true repentance (2 Corinthians 7:10-11)

I wonder how much commitment they expect from their members? Is everyone free to come, free to go as they wish? Do they expect any sort of lifestyle change in Christians? Or is asking someone to change his/her life to fit the Bible "too restrictive and/or religious?" I definitely do not think so. I believe that Christians should be different from the rest of the world. Are they so focused on being "non-religious" that they try too hard to be like people of the world? Are they trying so hard to be relatable that they cheapen the worship of God by calling it "happy hour?" It's one thing for Christians to be counter-culture against the world's culture; it's another to be counter-culture against God's culture.

Like I said, I don't know what goes on in that church. More power to them if they actually do expect change from their members. More power to them if God is really transforming lives through that church. Although I express disapproval in this post, I do not express condemnation of any sort. Unless, of course, condemnation is due.

Thoughts from fellow Christians? Am I too harsh and stuffy?

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  • Alan

    I take those signs to be a bit on the tacky side. I doubt they literally mean what they say. Lots of times I see a church sign using a pun, double entendre, or some other play on words in an attempt to be lighthearted and cute. To me that is in poor taste when talking about matters related to the holy God. But that is just an opinion.