Monday, April 16, 2007

For Lack of Coherent Thought

Trying to think of something to write about...I feel like a bad blogger for not posting anything for 4 days. Unfortunately I don't have any post drafts queued up, so I'm going to have to think of something from scratch.

What is my strategy for writing from scratch? Well...apparently not a very good one, since I am currently sitting here, typing about nothing. I went to Fox News and saw if anything was worthy of comment. Girls kicked out of their prom for wearing dresses that were too revealing. I don't know what exactly the dresses looked like, but my knee jerk response is good for the administrators. We'll probably hear of lawsuits being filed because these girls' lives are ruined because they couldn't go to their prom. I think I would've turned out perfectly fine if I hadn't gone to prom in my junior and senior year. Maybe even would've turned out better.

But Fox News has nothing else that I really wish to discuss. So I turn to Facebook, because usually something on there has me shaking my head at the folly of youth. Nothing too notable there either. One of my Facebook friends has changed her profile picture to one of her in a somewhat immodest dress. What's new on Facebook these days? Not much. More of the same. I had a another Facebook "friend" once who kept on changing her profile picture to extremely immodest ones. Eventually I de-friended, because I really didn't want her pictures to keep popping up on Facebook as updates. She "friended" me again, and I rejected. It might have gone back and forth a couple more times, but she has not tried to friend me since. Out of curiosity, I looked her up again recently, and as surely as the sun rises in the east...

You know, all throughout my high school yearbooks, there are all these messages saying "I'm going to miss you soooo much! Ur so kewl! KIT!" Not quite sure what ancient Mesopotamian cities have to do with yearbook entries. Anyways, not many of these people have actually Kept In Touch, unless you count adding a Facebook friend as Keeping In Touch. Most of my Facebook friends are people who added me. Perhaps I am cold-heartedly apathetic, but I really haven't had much of a desire to talk to my old high school friends. It's rare that I actually leave a message on someone's Facebook profile, but it has been done to a select few. I just don't get that feeling of "Man, I really want to talk to that person."

I don't really remember much of life from high school. I think I actually did study and do homework. I have no idea of what my day-to-day interactions consisted. It's all a blur. Is it like this for everyone else too? I suppose maybe it's only a matter of time until college becomes a blur too.

Don't you think it'd be funny to hear Friday conversations in Middle Eastern high schools?

Alef: "Hey did you hear about that party at Izrahiah's house this weekend?"
Bet: "No, where does he live?"
Alef: "In Jerusalem."
Bet: "No way man, Jerusalem's totally lame. Let's go to Damascus this weekend. I hear they have some rockin' clubs."
Alef: "Dude, Damascus is even farther. Let's just go clubbing in Nazareth again. Those Jews party hard."
Bet: "Dude! I'm stoked."

Forgive this entry for not fitting in with our mission statement in any way. Anyways, perhaps my wife will bail me out with a coherent, on-topic post for the day.

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  • Birdie

    Free form blogging. Interesting. Now the whole world knows how you actually think! ;)

  • Michelle

    I guess you wrote this entry before the VA Tech "massacre". Horrible, isn't it?

    My high school is also a blur. I got saved during the summer before my senior year. I willingly missed my prom. Everyone said I'd regret it later. Well, it's been ten years since then and I've never had one ounce of regret!