Monday, April 02, 2007

In Touch With My Feminine Side

Is it a bit strange that most of our links point to blogs largely run by women? I guess it could be considered getting in touch with my feminine side, considering I'm the one that put most of them there.

It's a guilty pleasure, I know. I like what these Christian blogging women have to say. I appreciate the fact that they are standing up for what they believe is a Godly way to cultivate a family (and I agree with them 100%). For those who might not be normal readers, what might that be? Staying at home with yer kids, cooking food from scratch, saving your family money, popping out lots of kids, homeschooling, acknowledging yer role as a helper to your husband, and actually being the helper, among other things. Is that politically uncorrect? Oh dear, I'm um, so..um... I'm so not sorry.

I haven't really been able to find too many MAN-blogs that appeal to me that much. I should say Christian-focused MAN-blogs (I read a couple of personal finance blogs that are MAN-run). Maybe it's because I'm lazy and haven't looked hard enough. A good number of blogs that I like to read are ones that Mrs. JunkFemale likes to read. The rest are blogs of people who read here often. Not surprisingly, these are blogs created by women. Anyways, I suppose that I should consciously be on the lookout for Christian MAN-blogs with similar outlooks.

I guess one reason behind my guilty pleasure readership of estrogen-fueled blogs is that it's quite a refresher from the normal feminism that pervades today's society. A lot of times it even pervades the church. It's different in a good way. Plus the fact that women are just plain different from men. It's funny to read about women being girly and being afraid of critters and making their husbands come dispose of the dead/alive remains. I suppose women might write in subtly different ways, but I'm not consciously able to recall noticing these differences right now. Do Harmony and I write our entries wildly differently?

Are the Christian women bloggers out there surprised and made uncomfortable when some man-blogger unexpectedly shows up on their blog?

Unrelated public service note, pertaining to chaotic password generation:
Open any word processing program. Lift your keyboard up and flip it over so the keys are facing downward. Drop the keyboard, and make note of what comes up on the screen. Repeat as necessary. This method is quite useful if you've been trying to convince your spouse that you really need to upgrade your keyboard to that rad new one. It's also quite useful in demonstrating a small aspect of chaos theory (sensitive dependence on initial conditions).

OR open the word processing program and give keyboard to your pet monkey or toddler. Wrest keyboard from paws after 37 seconds, fix what's necessary, and make note of what was typed. Tweak as necessary to increase password strength and help you remember it. Toddlers, monkeys, and gravity. That is pretty random, if you ask me.

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3 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Birdie

    We used to have a very spoiled cat who liked to sleep on our keyboard. He downloaded many an "interesting" item to our computer, too!

  • Laura

    It is interesting to read the viewpoints of a man who appreciates true femininity, as opposed to modern feminism.

    I think it helps that you are married and you and your wife have the same goals. Speaking for myself, it might feel slightly 'icky' to have a single man perusing the married Christian female blogs. (Although I understand you are not searching those ones out, they are likely just the ones you happen to come across...)

    It does my heart good to know that there are men out there who respect and support the proper role (in a Biblical/traditional sense) of a woman. Well, at least one man, anyway! :P

  • Myfriendconnie

    Cindy at dominionfamily.com has listed 5 blogs by men that she has awarded the Thinking Blogger Award. You might be interested in those. (I haven't read all of them yet, so this isn't an endorsement, necessarily.)