Saturday, April 28, 2007

Making Food is Intimidating

Today, I actually made some food item all by myself, sort of. At this point, you should look at the author of the post and notice that it is JunkMale. These sorts of posts will likely be few and far between.

Anyways, it was quite intimidating. I decided I wanted to make some cookies, since Harmony is busy today. But I made her find me a recipe. She found a peanut butter / honey cookie recipe.

I think I sort of messed up at first. I didn't leave the butter out long enough. How soft is soft when you are talking about butter? Women have cooking written into their genes, but how are us men supposed to know? (to feminists and bad women cooks, I jest) While I was waiting for the butter to "soften," I figured I would go ahead with the other stuff. So I poured the honey into the mixing bowl, which I did not mean to do. At least there wasn't anything in there.

I will once again reiterate that I found this to be quite an intimidating experience. What if I missed an ingredient? What if I skipped a step? I mean...come on now...that step 2 is really like 5 steps. And BTW, the butter was not soft enough when I started mixing it. The mechanical motion of my mixing apparently did not impart enough joules of kinetic energy to the butter either, so I put it in the microwave (after asking Harmony's permission).

Anyways, you probably find this post boring. But the cookies turned out fine. I like them because the only flour used is whole wheat, and the only sweetener is honey. I gotta do all I can to prevent an onset of diabetes. A life without any sort of sweets (including natural ones) would be a life much less enjoyable.

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3 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Alan

    My philosophy on cooking is this: Don't put in any ingredients that don't taste good. As long as you adhere to that rule, you will be fine. ;-)

  • Michelle

    I've been married for 4 1/2 years and my husband has only been in the kitchen about five times. He usually gets quite stressed and I'm usually surprised by the outcome.

  • La

    There, there. Most of us women cooks don't leave our butter out long enough, either. It was only recently that I made a batch of cookies without having to nuke the butter for ~10 seconds...

    I burst into tears the time I helped Harmony make 잡채, I was so intimidated. (All of those tiny carrot slices? I was sure dinner wasn't going to be ready till midnight!)

    And did Harmony ever tell you about the time when I put way too little flour in a batch of cookies I was helping her make? I forgot to put in the last cup, and the cookies turned out more like chocolate chip soup.

    Oh, dear, maybe it's just that I'm one of the "bad women cooks"... ;-)