Monday, June 04, 2007

There's Always Someone More Conservative

Recently, we were actually able to eat something from the small container garden that Harmony has been cultivating over the past number of months. It got me thinking more about this upward spiral that perhaps we are on. I got to thinking that no matter how conservative/traditional we eventually get, there will probably always be someone who's more conservative/traditional. BTW, I wield the word "conservative" in the pure dictionary sense of the word, not the political one.

Food-wise, we're nowhere close to being extreme, in our eyes. We still eat stuff that has preservatives in it, although we try to avoid it if at all possible. Although we are rather gung-ho about avoiding trans fats, every now and then we will cheat a bit and eat little bits of our wedding-cake-which-we-were-not-supposed-to-eat-yet. Also, sometimes we are presented with little choice but to eat shortening-laden food at either grandmother's house. As long as there are (crazy?) organic eating vegans out there, we will be nowhere near extreme. We do not grow all our own food either, although we hope to have sustainable crops of tomatoes, red bell peppers, and other vegetables which are relatively expensive but oh-so-good.

Church-wise, we attend a church of Christ, so some would probably consider us extreme. Especially liberal Protestants or other churches which (to me) hardly even resemble Christian churches.

At this time I'd like to take a little detour into the subcategory of music in church. Churches of Christ are sometimes known for adhering to a cappella worship. Conservative as this may be, there are some who go as far as saying that unison (as opposed to harmony) a cappella singing is the only way to go. Admittedly, I don't know of many churches that do this these days, except for the Amish. Somewhat of a side note: Did you know that 20th century martyr and Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer advocated unison singing? (that page is not just about his opinion on unison singing...search for "unison" for the relevant part) While my preference is for harmony (Harmony, haha), I can understand how someone would feel negatively about harmony in worship. If someone in my congregation were to raise this issue, I would have little problem with accommodating my brother/sister in Christ, in the manner of Romans 14:13-19.

As long as there are Amish communities, and as long as there are monasteries, there will always be people more conservative than us. Although we hold to the mindset that this world is not our home, the aforementioned groups seem to take that a step further and withdraw from the world as much as possible.

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  • Elizabeth

    I was wondering if you were part of the church of Christ. I've been enjoying your blog quite a bit. Salutations from another interracial, c of Christ couple (who met at Florida College)!

  • Myfriendconnie

    Here is another cofC blogger who is a homeschool, large family hopeful. Her husband is a preacher and they both attended FC.