Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Facebook Virtual Field Trip

Sometimes when I'm bored at work, I'll get on Facebook. For some reason, my company does not block Facebook, although it does block MySpace and all the major e-mail providers. Anyways, I've had an account since 2004, but am not so much of a participant as some are members are wont to be.

I have a relatively small number of Facebook "friends." I say that in quotes because my 5 year interaction record with some of these people has consisted solely of accepting their let's-be-Facebook-friends invitation. I can't view anyone's profile unless they have friended me, so my exposure to the Facebook generation is somewhat limited. However, my Facebook friendage is not limited to like-minded people; indeed, the life outlook, worldview, and general purpose in life is in the minority when it comes to my Facebook network.

Sometimes I find it a bit amusing to go on a Facebook virtual field trip. This consists of looking through other people's posted pictures. For those not familiar with Facebook, I assure you that this is not some sort of sicko voyeuristic act. If people didn't want others to see the pictures, they would not post them on Facebook. I find it interesting how FAR I am from most of the people in my network of people. Most of these people are still in some form of school, studying abroad, traveling the world, and/or drinking. This is, as you might be able to tell, a far cry from the suburban one income life that we live.

This brings me to a question. In several pictures containing people who label themselves "Christian" on their profile, the group is located in a hookah lounge. Am I ignorant about the nature of hookah lounges, or are these places considered "okay" for Christians to attend?

Much in the same way that we sometimes consider a grocery store trip to be a field trip, so too do I consider looking at people's Facebook pictures. It's like going to the zoo, except here you gawk at my generation's exploits of carousal, which arguably have more shock value than what you'd find at a zoo. To me, anyways.

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