Thursday, July 12, 2007

Update On Life

Our recent shortage of posts can be explained by the fact that we were vacationing with Harmony's family in Virginia for the past week. Thankfully, this shortage of posts was not nearly as stressful as the last time we had a shortage of posts.

We stayed at a townhouse in Basye, VA. This house had cable TV, which allowed us to catch up a slight bit on "pop culture." Might I add that the entity which calls itself "ABC Family Channel" is NOT family-oriented at all. It was originally started by Pat Robertson himself and has undergone numerous name/ownership changes. However, Mr. Pat stipulated that the channel must always contain the word "family." JunkMale notes that this is not the first time he has heard of Pat Robertson doing or saying absurd things. I daresay this does more harm than good. Or at the least, no good at all to call something a family channel when it does not contain family-oriented programming.

Does it not annoy you when people use the Greek letter Σ in place of "E?" I guess there is something distinctly Greek looking about Σ. This is most unfortunate for those of us who even slightly are aware of what sounds the Greek letters make. This diatribe was inspired by another stupid teen drama series which appears to be officially titled "GRΣΣK." Also known as GRSSK, or in a proper universe, GREEK or GRεεK, which apparently is not exotic enough. Harumph.

Since a straight drive to Virginia would take us about 11 hours, we made pit stops at her maternal grandmother's house in NC. Armed with our relatively new camcorder, we sat her down and picked her brain about her great many experiences with life (reference the home video post). She was born in the 1920's as the youngest child in a family of 9, in rural VA. We also did ghetto-scans (taking a picture of the pages) of her mother's recipe book. At this point, let me remind you that she was in her 40's in the 1920's, so this recipe book is very OLD. The recipes within contain much ambiguity, archaic spellings, and archaic terms, all of which make it something we'd very much like to inherit one day (even if it did fall apart while we were reading it). Perhaps you will see a series of blogposts detailing eclectic entries from great grandmother's recipe book.

Our garden seems to have prospered in our absence. I'm not sure whether to be insulted or delighted. Before we left though, I discovered that the box I made for Harmony's butter beans (seen here) had quite a few termite-ish insects crawling all throughout. :\ We had already made an appointment with the termite people before this discovery, and the 17th couldn't come any faster. Anyways, things have come quite a ways since that picture was taken, and we'll have to post an update one of these days, when Harmony has a chance.

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  • Ewokgirl

    Good luck with the termite thing. Our termite inspector just left, coincidentally. No activity found this quarter! I hope you don't have termites because they're expensive to treat. We had the termite stations and barrier installed to the tune of $1200, and that doesn't even count the $80 we pay every 3 months for them to come and check the stations and treat when necessary. *sigh* One of the pitfalls of homeownership.

    Funny that you posted about cable. We had Fios Cable installed yesterday after not really having cable for 8 years. Last night my husband was yelling from the living room, "ACK! So many channels!" Then he yelled to me, "How can we have so many channels with nothing on?" Meaning, nothing good. But then he discovered the Military Channel, and he was happy for the next hour. Men! :-)

    I'm seriously laughing over your Greek thing. I can relate. You have no idea what a difficult time I have with certain praise songs because of improper grammar. "As the Deer" sends me over the edge. "As the deer pants o'er the water, so my soul longeth after thee. You alone are my heart's desire..." If the writer was going to use old English (thee), then he needed to use it consistently throughout the song. So it should be "THOU alone are my heart's desire..."

    It's a little thing, and other people are highly amused at how insane it makes me, but it really, really bugs me. In fact, in order to sing that song without my mind wandering into frustrated distraction, I just have to replace all the thees with yous. :-)