Thursday, August 09, 2007


Just in case you were not aware, it is quite hot here. This picture was taken around 6 PM, in the shade.

When I first moved into this house back in September 2006, I signed up for a program put on by the power company. You get a $20 rebate if you allow the power company to cut off your air conditioning during peak usage hours. This saves them money, and supposedly it saves us money too (I think we also get a small amount skimmed off our bill every time they do it). But I didn't think it'd get this hot. Our house has been around 86oF.

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  • Alan

    Take heart-- by this time next week, the high temp will be a chilly 90 degrees, according to weather.com.

  • Ewokgirl

    As a 5th-generation Texan, I can commiserate. We've had a very unusually pleasant summer due to excessive rain in June, but we're finally up to our typical 100+ degrees.

    Do you have ceiling fans? We have ceiling fans in every room in the house except for the dining room and bathrooms. They are truly a saving grace in the midst of the heat. We're able to keep our AC at a higher temperature by using them.

    I hope y'all are able to cool down soon!

  • Harmony

    I heard on the radio today that the heat index is going to be about 113. Unless you go out in the full sun -- then it's even higher. Blegh.

  • The Ramblin' Rat

    What is the humidity rate where you are? I'm in the desert, so 100 degrees is nuthin' in the summertime. However, a dry heat really is different from humidity.

    Trust me. I thought I could deal with heat of any kind (I'm used to 115+ summers) but once I was in St. Louis humidity, I thought I was going to die.

  • JunkMale

    Ramblin' Rat,

    I am not too sure about exact humidity figures, but I think they are usually pretty high (so precise, I am). Whatever it is, it sometimes feels like you're stepping into a sauna.