Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Garden Update, October

A few weeks ago, we planted our winter garden, seen above. This time I tilled all the grass up and out of our yard. It wasn't too hard because 1) the recent drought, and 2) because I bought an electric tiller :) We also bought manure and mushroom compost in an attempt to enrich our soil a bit. We also bought three bags of top soil, which we uh...somehow..forgot to put down. And now we have pictures.

We sowed the spinach and lettuce in the same general area. The haphazard placement of the seedlings is because I raked the seeds in, instead of sowing them neatly in rows. And then I transplanted a marigold into a bare spot.

A budding fava bean. Only three of these have sprouted so far, which is somewhat disappointing. This one has been attacked by aphids in the past. Something I've noticed is that only our legumes (peas, butter beans, fava beans) seem to have been attacked by aphids so far.

These peas have been extremely eager to germinate. So far this is the third time we've planted them, and each time, we had seedlings. The second time was quite accidental. We accidentally left them outside for a bit. Then it rained. Then they germinated. Without soil too.
(yes I am aware that these are tomato trellises, and that they are upside down. It was a conscious decision.)

A bunch of carrot seedlings. Proper spacing would've been preferred, but this is what happens when you rake in seeds, I guess.

Marigolds, carrots (including our biggest one), a fava bean, and a morning glory which has intertwined itself on the marigold. After slithering its way through the marigold, it moved on to the big carrot.
(The morning glory is the one with the funny shaped leaves. I asked about this one months ago, and when we finally saw a flower, we were almost certain that was it.)

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  • Ron and Ginny

    It is absolutely beautiful! Any attempt to grow things is wonderful, I think. You should have seen my first attempts. I was totally ignorant, however, and I thought I had the best garden in the world. Well, I DID! For that time of my life and that place...

    Enjoy it. It looks great to me.

  • Ewokgirl

    Very nice! I enjoy seeing people's gardens.

  • Birdie

    Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing.