Sunday, October 21, 2007

Poor Little Luna

(We decided to call her Luna after all.)

Am I not the cutest thing ever??

Poor Luna has been through an awful lot in this past weekend. She had been somewhat listless since Harmony left her alone in order to go grocery shopping on Thursday. She didn't want to eat much until we gave her a calorie supplement / appetite stimulator. Friday morning at 5AM, she barfed up some yellow bile, I think it was. And then at various times throughout the day, more barf. We set up an appointment at a vet's office for as soon as possible and brought her in. They did some stuff, gave her some medicine, and we brought her back. She was fine for about three hours, and then started in on the barfing again, but this time accompanied by diarrhea. We thought she might get better, but at 9:15-ish, it looked like her eyes were loosely rolling about in her sockets, and she was getting a bit harder to wake up. That did it, and we left for the emergency animal clinic RIGHT AWAY, not bothering to turn off computers or lights.

She stayed overnight, where she had lots of IV medicines put into her. The vet's probable diagnosis was acute gastroenteritis. She came home the next night. We really hope she'll be okay from here on out. We could really do without having this much more stress in our lives right now, considering recent events.

But now for your viewing pleasure, here's our little Luna:

We are pleased to report that she has not vomited since Friday night at about 9:15-ish. Since she's been home from the hospital, her energy levels have returned to normal puppy levels (I think). All solid waste has not really been solid though, but the vet said that that was okay for the next few days.

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