Friday, October 12, 2007

Traffic To Our Blog

In an attempt to have a better blogging month than September, here's another metablog post. This one's about traffic to our blog.

I'm proud to say that we are a Google #1 when someone searches for the phrase "origin of candlelight vigil," whether in quotes or not. In fact, if you search for the phrase with quotation marks, my blog post on the matter is the only result that comes up. Now, the fact that this Google query just leads you to another query is something that I need to work on. Now that I know that some other people out there have wondered the same question, I'm a little bit more motivated to do some actual library research. I can't just look up "candlelight vigils" though. I figure I probably would have to look under the history of Celts or druids or something like that, if I were to follow my original speculation. Any suggestions?

A Google search for "interracial wedding pictures" will yield pictures of us on the first page. This was largely unintended, but a fair amount of people do search for such phrases, and come to our blog as a result.

Speaking of which, our series of posts on our Turbulent Engagement recently achieved one of its primary missions. Someone else going through a very similar situation found the posts and actually found them helpful! I believe as of the end of September, "pivotpivot" and her fiance were married, so congratulations, if you ever read our blog!

Judging by Google referrals though, you'd think the subject of our blog was Korean rice, or Korean cooking. We get quite a few more visitors looking for that than anything else.

I hope the relatively recent garden update additions haven't made this blog too unfocused. If the lack of focus enrages you, please let us know. Now, letting us know doesn't necessarily mean that we'll change things. But it would be nice to know. I know at least Ewokgirl likes seeing these updates ;)

BTW, if you are a regular reader of this blog and have a blog yourself, please let us know so we can link you. And most certainly let us know if you've linked us and we haven't linked you. That would be dreadful indeed.

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