Thursday, December 20, 2007

December's Randomnimity

Bunches of relatives are coming into town this week. Harmony's dad's side is coming in, as well as my mom and dad. A month or two ago, I told my mom and dad they should come here because other relatives were coming here. I figured it would be nice to be able to see more relatives at Christmas time, without having to zoom all over the southeastern U.S. Well, for any future newlyweds out there, having everyone come to your vicinity does not necessarily make things easier. When you have everyone in town, it will seem like everyone's going to want a piece of you. You will have achieved a great feat if everyone walks away from the break completely satisfied. But no worries, because everything's going to be fine.

However, in future Christmases, we might just blindly choose where we're going to spend Christmas before alerting ourselves to others' plans. After all, if we were spending Christmas in Florida this year, there would be no question as to when we're going to see who, where, and for how long. Once again, just a friendly note to newlyweds who have not had Christmas breaks yet.

My Mom and My Dad
My mom will, no doubt, spend lots of her time up here cleaning the house. Apparently this is what moms like to do when they come to their kids' houses. I have noted this myself with Harmony's mom. I predict she will spend time organizing our medicine cabinet, pantry, the conservatory, and maybe the utensil drawer. There is a 100% probability that she will spend LOTS of time fawning over Luna, who welcomes such activities.
My dad will, no doubt, comment on how pitiful our backyard is. This does not bother me, because 1) it's true, and 2) he himself will spend time rectifying it. In fact, last time they came over, the first thing they did was each begin cleaning their stereotypical domain: my mom the house, my dad the backyard. There is a high probability that he will love the carrot cake, cookies, and other baked goods that Harmony will make. There is also a high probability that he will love the traditional Western Christmas foods that Harmony has been prepping all week, including homemade trans fat free cornbread dressing! Who needs Pepperidge Farm when my wife is around? Another event having a high probability of occurrence (but lower than the others) is my mom telling my dad to take it easy on the less-healthy (for the body, not the soul) foods.

No Mistaking Who's Omega
We took Luna to a couple of dog parks last weekend. She spent most of her time being slightly-to-greatly terrified of other dogs. Whenever a dog would come sniffing at her, she would firmly assert herself as the omega and halfway flip over onto her back. We're not quite sure how to have her gain more confidence around other dogs other than exposing her to more dogs more often. Or do you think that would make things worse, if dog parks traumatize her? Anyways, I guess the more important thing is that she still has not met any person that she didn't LOVE. That's important because we want her to become a therapy dog :)

Here's video of Luna the sissy dog:

Ironically, we chose her over her sister because she was the more active one, initiating the roughhousing and play-biting. There is a Bichon meet-up group in our area, so hopefully she'll be able to interact with some similar looking dogs with perhaps similar temperaments.

More Garden Pics to Come
Later on, I will post another garden update. Nothing too exciting...more of the same, really. But when posting is slow, "filler" posts like garden updates are at least good quality filler posts. And I'm sure Ginny will appreciate the garden update ;)

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  • Ron and Ginny

    Aww! Luna looks just fine, she wants to play, but she is just a little scared. I think she will get used to it, eventually. Some dogs take longer than others.

    And, YES, I will appreciate more garden posts. ;-)

  • Ewokgirl

    Luna is just too cute! I've never had a dog before, which means I've never been to a dog park, but to these untrained eyes, Luna just looks cautious. She's so much smaller than those other 2 dogs who were running around her, so I can't help but wonder if she was just a bit overwhelmed by bigger, unknown dogs running around her. She was pretty confident, though, that standing next to Dad would keep her safe! Very, very cute.