Saturday, December 29, 2007

Visit 10000, and New Year's Resolution

This is sort of old news, because it happened on December 26, but we had our 10000th blog visit! Unfortunately, it was a very nondescript visit and I have no idea how this person came to our blog. Anyways, if you (the 10000th visitor) ever happen to come here again, please leave a comment?

I haven't made a New Year's Resolution in a while, but I'm making one this year. Look, blog readers, here and now I declare that I will attempt to drink less than or equal to 5 cans of soda in 2008. Earlier I thought that I might perhaps resolve to drink none, but even I consider that a bit of a tall order, considering the soda-drinking epidemic that grips this nation :p I might have actually fulfilled 2008's resolution in 2007, but I could be wrong, considering I wasn't keeping track. I remember drinking at least two cans of cherry coke at Harmony's parents' house, but I don't remember any other occasions.

This resolution includes sodas bought from natural food stores or "diet" sodas (if you're on a diet, don't drink soda, or do so very sparingly).

If I'm looking to space them evenly throughout the year, I will allow myself to have a soda in January, then approximately March, June, October, and December ;)

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