Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What is this white stuff?

(Despite the claims to the contrary at the bottom of the post, this was actually written by Harmony - not JunkMale)

We Southerners don't get to see this strange thing called "snow" very often, and most times when we do, it's just a little flurry. The picture represents our backyard after approximately 45 minutes of snow.

This is definitely enough snow to shut down the great metropolis of Atlanta. If temperatures don't warm up overnight, you can just about bet that several school systems will be shut down tomorrow morning. We don't handle winter weather very well here. In fact, the odds are very high that almost no one will be at our midweek service at church tonight. Or, if anyone does come, it will be the Northern transplants. Native Atlantans just don't. do. snow. And when we're foolish enough to try to drive in this kind of weather, it's quite frightening to watch. Not to mention dangerous.

In other news, today is JunkMale's birthday. He is now officially an adult by every measure out there. Not even insurance companies can give him higher premiums. In celebration of his birthday, I made him an eggnog cream pie. Yum.

Eggnog is one of JunkMale's favorite drinks, although until this year he had never had anything other than the processed stuff you buy at the store during Christmas season.

The decoration around the sides is pirouette cookies. It is a very filling (and not-so-healthy) pie, so it will probably take us a long time to finish it.

(A note to my parents: there has been talk of getting together this weekend and celebrating the birthday. I see no reason why we won't still have pie at that time.....)

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  • Ron and Ginny

    LOL! Yes, I can imagine the chaos on the roads when snow happens there. When I lived in Alabama, if there was a flurry spotted, people started skidding out of control and going off the road out of principle. Schools closed and TV crews tried to capture the event. LOL!

    By the way, that pie looks absolutely beautiful. You did a good job. :-D

    Happy Birthday, grown up Junkmale!

  • Ewokgirl

    Happy Birthday, Junkmale!

    Yeah, we don't get that white stuff in TX much, either. I avoid the roads at all costs because no one here (including me) knows how to drive in it. And the ones who think they do, are the morons who are speeding down the road and most likely to cause accidents.

  • Iris

    Wow, SNOW in ATL!

    Happy birthday to JunkMale! =D The pie looks great - putting the pirouettes around it must have taken a while - good job!

    I was watching House of Babies on Discovery Health this morning and thought of you. =)

  • Alan

    Happy Birthday JM!

    Mmm, pie!

    I bet Luna is curious about the cold white stuff.

  • Thehotrod5

    1st off HAPPY BIRTHDAY JM! 2nd, I was laughing at your story about snow in Atlanta. I am originally from Florida and moved to Indiana when I was 19 (I am 31 now). That first year I was here, I wanted to go home for Christmas but being the poor college student I was, I bought a bus ticket. The trip to Fl was fine. On the way back however, Atlanta had 2 inches of snow. The entire city shut down LOL. The buses would NOT run and I was stuck in Atlanta for 2 days because of 2 inches of snow. I thank God that if I had to get snowed in someplace, it was in a city where I had family living so I didnt have to sleep in the bus station!


  • Laura

    Ooh, I'm late, but happy birthday JM!

    We're getting some of that foreign white substance up here in the Frigid North. Temperatures seem like they're going to stay above freezing, so the roads ought to stay fine. Not that anyone would flinch at driving on snowy roads up here. (Except me.)

    I guess any precipitation is good for the lake levels down there. Hope there's more to come!

  • Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks

    Happy Birthday, Junk Male! That cake looks yummy, Harmony!

    I was wondering, as we were trudging through the snow last night on our way to church, how many would show up. (We have a lot of elderly members.) Not many were there, I think, because they worry about dangerous driving conditions. (We live in the snowy part of TX.)

  • CappuccinoLife

    Happy Birthday JunkMale!

    That looks like a great pie! :)

  • Harmony's Mom

    I did not know there was a pie! We did not get to try it today, sniff, sniff. Not that we could have eaten any more anyway....

    BTW, it is Saturday Jan. 19 & we have 1-3inches in the Metro Atlanta area & it is supposed to freeze tonight. Tomorrow will be even harder to drive (not so bad today, even though it was snowing, it was above 32 degrees.