Monday, March 24, 2008

Garden Update, March 2008

The spring / summer garden is in full swing! At first, it began inside with the grow lamp. Many of the plants are still inside. Many of you will probably recognize the tomatoes in the picture. We have a couple of sweet peppers and one serrano pepper on the left as well. And a bunch of others that haven't sprouted yet, or otherwise aren't worth the effort to talk about yet.

Harmony did some unintentional impulse buying at Walmart the other day. We now have lavender, thyme, onions, a strawberry plant, and broccoli. The broccoli that we planted has not worked out well at all. Harmony thinks she started the seeds too late. And so we have some pre-grown broccoli plants that you can see in this picture. They're the frilly plants to the left of the garlic patch in the middle of the garden. Speaking of which, the garlic is doing quite well also, and I'm looking forward to eventually having fresh garlic for the first time in my life. If you have a sharp eye or are Harmony's mom or Ginny, you might be able to spot carrot seedlings in this picture and the next one.

Alaska and Little Marvel peas are doing very well.

Pup. She has always liked running around and causing a ruckus in the backyard, but it's even more fun to her these days because we have more garden stuff. In particular, she likes to try to reach through the fencing, grab, and uproot the onion bulbs. For you outsiders (and to an extent, us), this is humorous. But to us as puppy parents, this is bad because 1) we tell her not to do it and scold her, but she still does it anyways, and 2) onions are toxic to dogs.

(BTW, she is going to the groomer on the 26th)

There is a freeze warning tonight, so we are putting a blanket over the peach tree. All of our peach blossoms got pwnz3d last year by an Easter frost, so hopefully we'll be able to save some. Harmony reports that we are a bit outside the growing region for peaches (latitude 34 degrees North), but this is our attempt to cheat the system:

You also notice our small grill beneath the tree. The blanket just doesn't seem like it's going to do the job, so later I am going to light a fire in the grill. Hopefully the heat will rise straight up and be sort of trapped by the blanket, and hopefully keep the blossoms warm. Hopefully this grill idea won't end up hurting the tree, or make the eventual peaches taste like charcoal ;)

Oh, if I really wanted to, I could probably figure out how fast Luna was running in the last picture. She was tearing around the yard again, stealing sandals and whatnot.

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  • Ginny

    The garden looks really good, especially the garlic. :-D I am having a hard time not wading through the mud to push the mulch away from my garlic (way too early) and see what it is doing.

    And, I would LOVE to see you figure out Luna's exact velocity at that moment. ;-)

  • JunkMale

    Hmm, well, erm, ah, I didn't quite think anyone would call me out on the calculation.

    I should clarify that the circumstances for really wanting to figure out how fast Luna was going would be extenuating, like a court verdict depends on it or something.

    But I can explain the process I would use! First, I would get a print of the picture for comparison purposes. I'd put the digital camera on a tripod to keep it still. I'd put it in approximately the same spot on which I was standing. I'd wait for the same time of day (time is embedded into the pic itself, so that would be easy to figure out) on a day with similar atmospheric conditions. Then I'd pose Luna in the near-exact location that she appears in the original picture, to take a picture for stationary reference. I'd take the picture using the exact same shutter speed that I used originally. At this point, I think I'd actually take the picture (now that I think of it, I don't think shutter speed would matter for the stationary reference picture).

    I'd measure the size of her eyes, in units of pixels, I guess. Judging by the amount of "smearing" in the first picture, and aided by the stationary reference picture, I could figure out exactly how much she had moved in the amount of time it took to take the first picture (1/65 of a second, for example).

    If anyone wants to correct me on anything, feel free. I wrote this process up just before going to bed, so it's a bit hurried, and I'm a bit sleepy.

  • Ginny

    LOL! snort... LOL! Okay.
    I will take your word for it.