Monday, March 31, 2008

Mirror Universe McCain, sort of

My feeling is that the typical conservative Republican does not feel that John McCain is conservative enough, what with conservative blemishes like McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform and the proposed McCain-Kennedy immigration act.

But consider: what if McCain held all his exact same positions/views, but were a Democrat? A mirror universe version, if you will, complete with evil-mirror-universe mustache.
To Republicans, I think he would seem like a much better crossing-the-party-line candidate. To the typical anti-abortion, pro-military-presence-in-Iraq, lower-taxes Republican, the mirror universe's Democrat McCain would seem quite reasonable, even with the Republican failings of campaign finance, illegal immigrant amnesty, and the like.

In a Republican light, McCain is mediocre. But in a Democrat light seen from Republican eyes, McCain wouldn't seem as bad. A Democrat McCain might be somewhat similar to Zell Miller. I will most probably still not vote though. And more here.

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