Friday, March 14, 2008

Summary of our Florida Trip

The trip down was uneventful. Going to my parents' part of Florida takes about 8 hours. This is the longest that Luna's ever ridden in the car at once. She did admirably. She slept most of the way, waking up periodically to try to get into my lap, and stink up the car with her dog breath panting. For whatever reason, her breath started smelling like fish on the way down, so it was like fish dog breath.

Somehow word got to my dad that Harmony is a very good flautist. He proceeded to bring her book after book after song after song, and she played them all. Eventually I got out a guitar played some basic accompaniment. At the request of my parents, we ended up playing hymns; they were singing and we were playing. Next time we visit my parents, I will most certainly bring a capo. Many hymns seem to be written in Eb. As far as technique is concerned, it is extremely simple to play in sharp and flat keys on the guitar. However, the difficult part is muscle fatigue in one's fretting hand. Anyways, this hymn playing happened on at least two nights.

Friday, Harmony and I were left alone. My sister had not yet come home, and my parents had gone to my dad's PhD advisor's funeral in Tallahassee. Since Luna had probably fully recovered from her spay, we wanted to take her to a dog park. Now Georgia dog parks are all taxpayer funded and you just bring your dog and walk right in. NOT the case with Florida dog parks. All the dog parks in that area required you to present updated shot records. They also required you to register your dog with the attendant. This may not seem like much to some of you, but we are used to bringing Luna to the park and going right in without any hassle. The one we tried to go to had an entrance fee even though it was already funded by taxes. Needless to say, Luna did not get to romp around at any dog parks during our visit.

I'd been toying with the idea of fishing in the backyard, since my parents have a canal front house. Not so much for myself, but for Luna. The softness of her fur seems to correlate fairly strongly with feeding of fish, so why not try to get some for free? So I got a couple of fishing poles and some frozen shrimp and headed off to try to catch some fish for her. Harmony joined me with the intent of just keeping me company, but eventually joined in and out-fished me. I didn't catch anything that day, but she caught four, I think.

Out on the dock:

Even though it's not red, I deduce that this is a young red drum, judging by the spots on its tail. This was the biggest fish that we kept (I caught a stingray, which was the heaviest, but we didn't keep it).

I believe this is a pufferfish. It didn't puff up at all, so it apparently wasn't that distressed, or it wasn't a pufferfish. This, BTW, is quite a rare catch around these parts. It must've taken a wrong turn, because it's pretty far away from the ocean. Needless to say, we didn't want to give this one to Luna, so we tossed it back.

I did end up catching two weakfish and the aforementioned stingray, which I threw back while the women fretted whilst thinking about Steve Irwin. (BTW, I survived)

Luna shows off her wonderfully soft coat, which will continue to be wonderfully soft with the five fresh fishies that we brought home for her.

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  • Harmony

    Just to set the record straight, I caught 5 fish that day. Aside from the pictures you see, I caught a catfish, something that looked like trout, and I believe I also caught a weakfish.

    You might call it beginner's luck. :-D

  • JunkMale

    I believe that the trout-looking thing was a weakfish.

  • Harmony

    Was the other one I caught a whiting then?

  • JunkMale

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • JunkMale

    Could've been, but I think my dad might've been mistaken about some of the fish species.

    In my post-trip searching, I conclude that we caught the following varieties of fish: catfish, stingray, drum, pufferfish, weakfish. The weakfish could be mistaken for a trout due to its spots, but I think it's somewhat unlikely to catch a trout (which are mainly freshwater fish) in a brackish watered canal. The pictures of whiting and trout that I've found don't seem to match up with what you actually caught.

  • Ron and Ginny

    Well, fish varieties aside, it looks like you had a really nice trip. I am longing for warmer weather right now. :-D

  • Alan

    Nice hat, Harmony! Going for a new look? ;-)

  • Harmony

    Ginny - We came back from Florida to find freezing temperatures. Blegh. But the good news is that Spring is just around the corner!

    Daddy - Lol. I'm SO not a hat person. But I had to do something about that sun (besides sunscreen). You should have seen the Vietnamese rice had I wore the second time I went out there! ;-)

  • Smockity Frocks

    WHAT? No picture of the stingray? Harmony, you are SO CUTE!

  • Anonymous

    Nice variety of fish! I love fishing, and occasionally have been able to to some saltwater fishing. I love the variety and "unknown" of fishing in saltwater. In freshwater you can have a pretty good guess of what you'll catch, but, as evidenced by what you guys caught, when you are fishing in saltwater there's no telling what you will catch.

    BTW, did you guys get any hail damage on your vehicles? I know Atlanta just had some bad weather which included a LOT of hail.

  • JunkMale


    For reasons that are unknown to me, we did not get a picture of me with the stingray. When I told the women to bring out a camera, they instead brought out the video camera. So we do have a bit of video, but I don't know if it's worth the effort to upload it.


    The strong storms and hail passed just to the north of us. We did hear the air raid sirens, but got nothing more than rain. It wasn't even very heavy either.