Saturday, April 05, 2008

Memorable Posts Added to Sidebar

You'll notice I added a "Best of" list to the left sidebar. Some are posts that I am particularly proud of (for whatever reason), and others are ones that got lots of comments. Whatever the case, I chose these posts because I felt these posts represent our blog quite well.

A couple of you said that the new three column layout made it look crowded. Hopefully this doesn't make it look any much more crowded. Personally, I think the new section blends in quite well, and I might have missed it if I didn't know it were there. If you really don't like the layout, you can just read our blog in Google Reader all the time ;)

These posts are subject to change without notice, so watch out!

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  • Ginny

    I read most posts in Bloglines...
    I only come to the blog if I have something to say...
    ;-) Which seems to be a lot of the time...
    (And, yes, I like to use those extra dots at the ends of my sentences...)