Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Useful Blog Traffic Links

Here are a couple of useful blog traffic links that I have found in the past couple of days:

This page from Blogger Buster will let you see any page that has ever linked to your blog, ever. I've noticed that with Wordpress blogs, the tool sort of goes crazy. You'll probably see what I mean.

(BTW, for anyone that has a Blogger blog, I highly suggest subscribing to Blogger Buster, especially if you have any interest in making your blog bigger, better, and/or prettier. I also suggest reading Blogging Tips, for which the author of Blogger Buster occasionally writes.)

This page, called Xinu Returns, lets you see all sorts of useful information about your site/blog, including number of feed subscribers (we've had 5 more people subscribe in the past couple of days!), Google PageRank (only 3/10 for us), and more. For anyone who might not know, "SEO" stands for Search Engine Optimization, or "how to trick more people into visiting your blog."

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  • Alan

    According to bloggerbuster, I have 6430 backlinks. Xinu shows a few more than that through altavista and alltheweb.

    Xinu wants me to have more than two words in the title, but I like it short.

    I do need to add some keywords and description. And apparently I have tons of xhtml, css, and rss errors. I wonder if that's my fault or blogger's fault?

  • JunkMale

    Xinu shows that I have all those XHTML, etc., faults as well. I like to think of it as Blogger's fault, since I haven't changed a lot of the stuff that's coming up as in error.

    I remember correcting a bunch of stuff on my old website as well, to make it XHTML compliant. And then it seemed like after a few months, some more errors would magically pop up in my CSS, which I hadn't touched. Maybe one of these days I'll try to go fix all the other errors. But people seem to be able to read what I write, so I don't think it's that big of a deal yet.

  • MaddieLynn

    I'm not sure how accurate that Xinu site is. It said my blog has been active for over 7 years, which isn't correct.

  • Smockity Frocks

    Oops! That was me, not my daughter.

  • JunkMale


    Mine says something similar, but I believe that is talk about how long your blog's IP address has been active. The IP could have been used for something else before your blog came along (back when it was but a twinkle in its owner's eye), or it could have just been sitting there pointing to empty space.

  • Anonymous

    You can also try www.estimix.com – a free tool that provides a nice summary of the website performance.The estimation provided by estimix is the result of a complex analysis based on factors like: the age of the website, the demographic structure of the traffic, the countries where the website is popular and sources of the traffic.