Thursday, May 15, 2008

Healthier(?) Alternative to Papa John's Dipping Sauce

Alternative garlic butter dipping sauce
Recently, Harmony has taken to making bread sticks instead of bread loaves. They're much easier to handle, store, and there's no need to cut it.

And now something different: have you ever ordered Papa John's pizza and got the garlic butter dipping sauce? Mmm mm good. Last time I checked though, the words "Partially hydrogenated" were first on the list of ingredients. Harmony put together this really easy knock-off. Even I can make it.

Ready? Here's what we do: melt some Smart Balance in a saucer. 10-12 seconds in a microwave will do. Then add a pinch of garlic powder. You can add more if you like garlic a lot, which we do. That's it, and we think it tastes great. It is very simple, and I'm not sure why we never thought to do it before.

You know, 20 years from now, we're probably going to find out that, in fact, Smart Balance is much much worse for you than butter. We do have the big tub of it, but we use butter just as often. We hope the moderation might minimize damage while still allowing us to get our daily allotment of fats ;)

(I do acknowledge that Papa John's might have changed the recipe, as their website indicates that the garlic butter sauce has "zero" grams of trans fat per serving. But that could just mean that one serving has 0.4 grams. So always read the ingredient list!)

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  • Anonymous

    You know this was coming...

    Just use butter! Throw away the tub!

    There...I spared about 7 people from leaving comments. :) Seriously, though, if you guys have not read or researched the Nourishing Traditions book, please do so. I would also recommend the Weston A. Price foundation as a source of traditional ways of cooking and viewing the body.


  • Iris

    Oooh cool! I always loved that sauce. Now we can try making that the next time we order from Papa John's.

    I really hope Smart Balance doesn't turn out to be bad for you. I really prefer to use that than butter.

  • Thehotrod5

    I completely Agree Anna! I was thinking the same thing. Even though you didn't spare me from leaving a comment LOL I am going to try the sauce (with butter) when we make home made pizza next....yumm