Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cult of Personality Part the Second

Lest anyone think my comments on Barak Obama were politically motivated, I give you a disappointing display of Reagan-worship: What Would Reagan Do (also known as WWRD).

Ronald Reagan was a man just like any other (although he was, in my personal opinion, a good president). If you base your decisions on what Reagan would have done, you will at some point find yourself sorely disappointed. Humans make mistakes, even the best of us. We would do much better to fashion our lives after the Creator of man rather than man himself.

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  • Ginny

    Amen, sister!

  • Thehotrod5

    I am not very politically minded so I am not exactly familiar with all the hype about RR.Let me rephrase that....I know "after the fact" that people thought he was wonderful. I can't say either way as...not being politically minded I have not researched it (and I was young at the time of regean). All this hype surrounding Obama is unreal to me....and its scary. YOur previous post had made me wonder on a differnt level of what it would of been like to live in different time...and then to think about comparing that to now. We see time and time again where people throughout history have used God as a "crutch" to do their own destructiveness and it saddens and scares me. I pray that I do everything I can to raise my children to know the difference and that they WONT fall prey to any of this false teaching/leading.


  • Alan

    I think they're just pointing to Reagan as the last president we've had who consistently followed conservative principles. Before Reagan, I'm not sure you could find another one, at least in my lifetime.

    Reagan certainly was no Messiah. And neither is Obama.