Monday, June 16, 2008

June 2008 Raw Diet Update

I have sort of slacked off in doing the raw diet updates, because there isn't really that much to report. That's probably a good thing.

Stock image - cracked eggRaw feeding tip of the month: If you ever find yourself in a dire situation and find that you have no dog/cat food, eggs are your lifesaver! Eggs are extremely convenient pet food, both for the preparer and the devourer. They're almost like fast food for dogs, except much healthier. Bonus if your dog will eat the shell, which Luna usually doesn't (she just plays with it and leaves pieces all over the place). Extra bonus if the eggs are from vegetarian hens and/or organic and/or farm fresh. I suppose cooked eggs would be easy as well, if that's all you have or if that's what you're comfortable with.

Luna continues to be quite a healthy dog. Ever since we switched her to raw meats, she has been much more enthusiastic about eating. This is probably a good thing, but it doesn't feel so great when she's waking me up at 5:30AM because she wants to eat. Up until this morning, she had not done an empty-stomach-foamy barf in a long time.

There were a few days that Luna did not get her usual raw meats. That was when we were visiting grandmother-that-does-not-oppose-the-raw-diet. Of course, we didn't know that at the time, so we brought along some high quality canned food in case there was going to be a squabble. Luna seemed to be much more yappy and finished the canned food much more quickly. It could be that the yappiness has nothing to do with the fact that she practically inhaled the canned food, but I thought it might have been involved somehow. Of course, she usually is a bit more yappy in new environments too, so I could be wrong. We brought along the dehydrated raw organ meats and still fed her those at night.

We noticed no change in health from the few days that she was on high quality canned food. As we only fed her this food for a few days, I don't know whether she would continue to be this healthy on a consistent canned diet. It would be more expensive though, since we are not willing to feed her cheaper canned food made from dead/dying/diseased/disabled roadkill carcasses (slight exaggeration).

We will be visiting the other grandmother at the end of this month. This one is not a fan of the raw diet and there is probably not much that will change her mind on that. We will be bringing canned food, but will also be bringing dehydrated raw organ meats to give her at night (liver and kidney) or as treats (heart).

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  • Sammy

    Ugh. You should put a warning label on these raw food updates so pregnant ladies such as myself will know to move on. :-)

    It was the "foamy barf" that did me in! :-)

    Although for the record, I think it's just great that you're keeping Luna on a raw food diet.

    Have a great week!