Monday, July 07, 2008

Self-Ed 7/7/08

Read this week:

Little Women (completed)
The House on Pooh Corner (completed)
Charlotte's Web (completed)
A Little Princess (in progress)
Pinocchio (in progress)

Junk Male
Perelandra (completed)
The Hobbit (in progress)

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  • JunkMale

    I'm finding the Space Trilogy to be a bit slow and perhaps a bit overly verbose. For me anyways. They are still interesting books, but I found The Hobbit to be much more of an enjoyable read. I have yet to acquire a copy of the final book in the Space Trilogy, but do indeed seek to finish it.

    Finished The Hobbit and am currently reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, eBook (while I have time at work) and real book (while at home) format instead of audio. Because we were listening to the audio in the car, and thus since I was distracted from time to time, I have started over from the beginning.