Monday, September 22, 2008

Self-Ed 9/22/08

Read this week:
Sense and Sensibility (in progress)

Comments: I still think that the Emma Thompson movie has done a very good job with this book. It's not my favorite Austen, but it's a good one and an enjoyable read. I hope to be done with this one by next week.

I, Robot (completed)
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

I guess that I, Robot would be considered "trash" reading by certain standards, considering that we're basing our reading list from the Ambleside curriculum, which seems (to me) a bit light on science fiction. Being one who is scientifically minded, I like sci-fi, so I decided to take the liberty of modifying the reading list. Who says I need to cling doggedly to a curriculum anyways?
Anyways, the book itself. I liked it, and it was clean too. Don't expect anything like the 2004 Will Smith movie. About the only things in common are references to Asimov's three laws of robotics, some names, and the presence of robots.
Something about the human-to-human interaction seems a bit off. Well, maybe just when the characters Powell and Donovan converse. They seem a bit too antagonistic to each other, and they say each other's names just about every three lines of conversation.

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