Thursday, October 16, 2008

Calling All Undecided Voters

I understand how someone could be undecided during the presidential primaries. But to be undecided at this point?

Stock image - VoteFor the purpose of this post, I define "undecided" as "trying to decide between McCain and Obama." There has been much talk of how both candidates are trying to woo undecided voters.

But my question is how could someone be deciding between the two? Their platforms are worlds apart. (but Headmistress points out someone else who points out that presidents often do not govern like their campaigns said they would) My guess is that people have opinions on certain issues that break from party lines. For example, I suppose someone who is mildly anti-abortion but against Iraqi occupation or hawkish foreign policy would be one of these mythical undecided voters. It all comes down to what you value as the most important issue.

I do not personally know of anyone who is undecided, but then again I'm in Georgia, which is not exactly a swing state.

Are there any undecided readers here? Or perhaps you know someone who's undecided? Maybe you are going to vote for one guy, but the other guy's policies on this/that made you consider voting for him?

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