Monday, December 01, 2008

News you don't want to hear

I took one of the cars in for routine maintenance today, and it was a major maintenance (120k) so we were expecting a big bill. Well, turns out the battery is almost dead - I'm not surprised about that one; it's been having issues starting for about 2 weeks now - the steering fluid is a mess, and there's another major repair that needs to be done. And the other car needs to go in soon, too. In other words, we're looking at about $1000 in car repairs right before Christmas and right before about $2500 in tuition needs to be paid.

*sigh* I'm grateful that we do have the money to cover all these bills, but it's going to be really tight for a while. Maybe it's time for another Korean food month?

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  • Sherry

    Car maintenance & repairs are not fun, but they are better than the alternative, ie, breaking down on the side of the road. At least you have a reserve fund set aside for things like that. Can you imagine if you were not budgeting for this & something like this happens? And yet many people do not set aside for the inevitable. Hopefully no one that reads your blog will be unprepared!