Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Information about Our Little Alien

For any who didn't read the comments in our big revelation post, we are fairly certain that the baby is a girl. Buy girl stuff but keep the receipts, the ultrasound technician said. She is due around June 8. We have named her quite an appropriate name (considering I have wanted a daughter since before we were married), but Harmony wishes to use pseudonyms for the kiddies. We will have to come up with one soon (any suggestions?).

We hit 20 weeks tomorrow! (Sunday) Praise the Lord, the Lord is good. He has given us the desire of our hearts, and He has given what we never would deserve in a million years, for we are wretchedly bad people.

Harmony doesn't look very pregnant if she's wearing a coat. In fact, she has gained less than 5 pounds. The midwife said that this is not much of a concern unless she starts dropping weight like toddlers like to drop Cheerios around Luna.

Here are some more ultrasounds. I have adjusted the contrast so you can see better:

Hand. Where went the rest of the body, I don't know.
Baby's hand

Can you see what she's doing here? Her head is tilted to your left, and her left arm is under her chin. Sort of like the picture below her, except with the other hand.
Baby's chin pose

(pictures of her face have a bit of a macabre quality, don't you think?)

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5 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Homeschoolin' hot-rodders

    No suggestions...How awesome she is! We will continue to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

  • Ginny

    How sweet! :-D

    How about "Little Butterbean", seeing as how she will probably be a gardener?


  • Sammy

    Congratulations!! :-)

    I just had my first baby two months ago! A boy!!

    My best wishes for an easy pregnancy and delivery.

  • Sherry

    She looks just like my Mom in younger days, with her hand under her chin & thinking about something. At least that's what I see.

  • Harmony

    Mom, there are some pretty powerful genes on your side of the family. I look just like you, you look just like Grandmother, and Grandmother looks just like her mom. So it doesn't surprise me too much to think that my daughter will look like that side of the family!

    Of course, Korean genes are usually VERY dominant over white genes, especially when babies are young. This will be a battle of some very powerful genes on both sides!

    (I do see what you're saying, btw - she certainly has a very thin face, which is much closer to me than JM)