Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ho hum update

We're still alive and life is fine.

My first class towards my systems engineering degree is (for me) finished. The class actually ends on March 2, but I have already finished my final exam, which I am fairly confident I will get at least a 90 on. My homework average is 100+ and I got a 90 on the other exam, so I am also confident that I will get an A in the course. I have a week off from classes and then start the next one on March 10. The class is called "Creativity and Problem Solving." The text book is titled "Adaption-Innovation: In the Context of Change and Diversity." Umm....yeah...riiight...maybe it won't be that bad. Seems like it will definitely be a more touchy-feely "let's talk about our feelings" kind of class. I tend to do much better with more tangible concrete subjects, like this engineering math class that I just took.

Harmony has started various seedlings for the garden. We have also sown peas in the newly made third raised bed. Our potatoes, strawberries, and blueberries shipped out yesterday and should be here soon! Perhaps we will also have an update soon. But I left the camera at the in-laws', so they'll either be picture-less updates, or hideous quality cell phone camera pics.

Luna and meats
We have made efforts to get some different types of meats into Luna, so these days she is enjoying lamb and duck. Duck sinews or ligaments or whatever are tougher than those of chickens, so she has more trouble with duck pieces - she usually ends up regurgitating large chunks at least once. Thus I give her duck in the evenings so I can supervise her.

25 weeks as of Sunday and things are still looking good. Almost to the third trimester! The Lord is gracious. We are limiting the amount of time Harmony spends standing though, as she starts to get woozy and light-headed if she stands too long. (but walks are still fine, for some reason) We're trying to minimize risk as much as we can (wouldn't you, if you had had losses?).

Childbirth class
This Sunday is the final session of our childbirth class, given by Pam of Labor of Love Doula and Childbirth Services. It has been a 6 week course and we have learned lots. I think it's a more holistic class than a Lamaze or Bradley method class would have been, but don't take my word on that, because we haven't and aren't planning to take those classes. We enjoyed the classes, but are glad that they will be over. They were on Sunday afternoons and that meant leaving Luna for about 3.5 hours in the morning for church, then about 4 hours later in the evening for class. This Sunday, we have a potluck after church.. 0_o So tonight we are going to ask around and see if anyone can keep her this Sunday, so at least she'll have some people to be around.

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