Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Was It Something We Did?

Harmony and I have wondered why we went a year without any pregnancies after having two positive tests. And we have often wondered how it was that this pregnancy "stuck."

Although both of us are scientifically inclined, we are also Christians and have no problem with the explanation that God just wanted it to happen this way. But we also do wonder if it was something that we did differently that allowed us this wonderful blessing? Here are some things that we did differently, some of which might not have made any difference in the world.

We'd signed up for the CSA and were eating a higher percentage of Certified Naturally Grown vegetables. Whether it was the vegetables themselves or the fact that they were (practically, in essence) organically grown, we don't know. Or it could've been neither.

We were going on almost-daily walks around the neighborhood, which includes some small hills.

After we got the positive test, I made sure that Harmony always had filtered water to drink. We also got a bunch of bottled water, and filtered that too. Our filter is just a Brita pitcher, which is not the best, so who knows if this made any difference.

Harmony had been discouraged and had pretty much stopped taking a multivitamin every day. Somewhere in there, she'd also had a conversation with her aunt, where her aunt had mentioned about herself that she didn't absorb nutrients well in certain forms. I believe Harmony got a case of Vitamin Water fairly soon after that, and fairly soon after that, we found that she was pregnant. Maybe Harmony had been vitamin deficient and did not absorb vitamins well in chewable form?

I don't know how it came about, but Harmony e-mailed me one day talking about how certain houseplants can filter toxins. So I authorized the purchase of several houseplants for each room of the house. We have pothos, philodendron, English ivy, spider plants, and snake plants, and more scattered throughout the house.

Accepting Our Lot In Life?
After going almost a year from our then-last pregnancy, we had been very discouraged. We tried to accept the fact that maybe we are just not meant to have biological children, so we decided to try to channel our grief into something positive. Thus foster parent training. (we actually are still in contact with the agency and will probably have our 2nd home study soon, even though we are not planning on accepting any children for the near future)

Again, who knows if any of these had any smidgen of influence on getting pregnant or staying pregnant. It is possible that one or more of them did have a small influence, but fairly impossible to tell which one it was. So we just made sure to do all of them; we wanted to do everything in our own power to ensure a viable pregnancy.

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