Friday, March 27, 2009

Ethnic Food Week Sample Menus

Because Ashley asked.

These are sample 1-week menus for having an ethnic food week. The only one that I'm not quite sure how it would work for a week is Korean food. Usually when we do Korean food, we do 2-week stints at minimum. We've gone as long as 1.5 months eating nothing but Korean food for meals. So I don't know how well the menu would translate to a 1-week menu, but you're welcome to give it a go and see how it works for you. :-)

Tex-Mex week
Sunday - vegetarian chili
Monday - vegetarian chili
Tuesday - chicken enchiladas
Wednesday - chicken enchiladas
Thursday - chicken enchiladas
Friday - burritos
Saturday - burritos

Korean week*

Sunday - bulgogi (Korean bbq beef)
Monday - bulgogi
Tuesday - Soybean paste stew
Wednesday - Soybean paste stew
Thursday - Chicken and rice soup
Friday - Chicken and rice soup
Saturday - Omelet rice or fried rice to use up leftovers
*Don't forget that every Korean meal is served with rice and side dishes

Southeast Asian week

Sunday - Thai red curry + coconut soup
Monday - Thai red curry
Tuesday - Vietnamese spring rolls
Wednesday - Vietnamese spring rolls
Thursday - Pad Thai
Friday - Pad Thai
Saturday - Swimming Rama

Italian week (great for a week when canned or fresh tomatoes are on sale!)

Sunday - Chicken stew
Monday - Chicken stew
Tuesday - Spaghetti and and meatballs (optional), with homemade marinara sauce**
Wednesday - Baked ziti, using homemade marinara
Thursday - Baked ziti
Friday - Chicken or Eggplant parmesan, using homemade marinara
Saturday - Chicken or eggplant parmesan
**Make a BIG batch of marinara - you're going to use it the rest of the week

Ethnic food weeks that the Junk family intends to try at some point in the future:

  • Indian
  • Chinese (real Chinese food, not Americanized dishes)
  • Caribbean or South American
  • Middle Eastern
  • Greek
  • French
Happy eating! :-)

EDIT: JunkMale would like to add that if anyone has any suggestions for specific recipes within any of these prospective cuisines, please share it in the comments!

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