Thursday, March 12, 2009

Garden Update - March 2009

Here are 10 pictures for our long overdue garden update.

Harmony demonstrates that gardening is a very good activity for optimal fetal positioning.
Garden Update, March 2009, Optimal Fetal Positioning

Peas. For support, Harmony tied nylon twine across the chicken wire that we use to keep certain dogs out of the bed.
Garden Update, March 2009, Peas

Some leftover garlic from last season popped out a few months ago, to our pleasant surprise. These will have to be transplanted when I build our fourth bed.
Garden Update, March 2009, Leftover Garlic

Peppers, tomatoes, and flowers.
Garden Update, March 2009, Seedlings

Garlic, onions (both regular and multiplier), carrots, and one patch of spinach - all of them overwintered and are looking great now. This is the first time we have ever had a successful planting of spinach. Absent is the broccoli which died a horrible death over Christmas break. We ate all the cabbage, and the brussel sprouts have been harvested and are sitting in the fridge.
Garden Update, March 2009, 2nd Bed

The right side of our herb section. It's easier to reference things from the dead center of the picture, where we have our thriving oregano (ants have made their home under it :P). Above that is some creeping thyme, which has not crept much yet. In the sunken container is peppermint. The light colored plant down and left of the oregano is lavender, which hopefully will take off this year. And at the top right of the picture, if you count over three fence boards from the right and look down a bit, you might see one of our three new blueberry bushes. Oh and I almost forgot, lots of weeds.
Garden Update, March 2009, Herbs

The left section of herbs. The yarrow is the bright green plant in the lower right quadrant of the picture and it is making a roaring comeback. Above that are two varieties of thyme, but you can't see them that well. In the approximately corresponding location of the yarrow on the left side of the picture is sage, which looks like it has survived the winter. To the left of the defunct bird bath is bee balm, which also has survived the winter.
Garden Update, March 2009, More Herbs

The first raised bed that we made. I think this bed is in a shadier part of the yard, so things didn't grow as well here.
Garden Update, March 2009, 1st Bed

Blueberry bushling. The tomato cage is there so I won't step on it again.
Garden Update, March 2009, Blueberry Bush

What will hopefully become our strawberry patch. Fenced off to prevent certain dogs from pooping in the berry patch and from digging up strawberry plants. (I don't know why a tomato cage is in there.)
Garden Update, March 2009, Strawberry Patch

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