Monday, April 06, 2009

Enlightening Breastfeeding Observation

On Saturday, we attended a breastfeeding class given by our doula Teresa. Afterwards, we had our prenatal meeting with her and she asked us if we found the class useful. I said that I did, but I couldn't remember the most useful thing I learned...the one that made the proverbial light bulb blink on.

Now that I am remembering, I think one very useful thing I learned was an observation that Teresa pointed out. When you have a meal or a cup of whatever, do you sit down and constantly shovel food/drink into your mouth? (for the purpose of this illustration, let's exclude people like me, who do) Do you ever take little breaks? If you are with other people, do you ever take a minute to talk about things while you are eating? If the phone rings, do you answer it?

I sort of had the preconception that breastfeeding babies just laid there and drank. But it turns out that they sort of eat like most other people do, taking small breaks here and there. Harmony sometimes is like that little girl from the movie "Signs," leaving half full cups of water here and there and everywhere. She takes an entire day or two to drink a can of ginger ale.

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