Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finding Agreement

Anyone who knows me really well knows that I hate conflict. I don't like disagreeing with people, and I would be perfectly happy if everyone got along perfectly all the time. When I'm listening to a radio show and things start getting a little bit tense with a caller, I turn the station off. You see, I don't even like to listen to other people disagree!

So you can imagine that the previous 100 days have been very difficult for me as I find myself disagreeing with our top government officials on, well, practically everything. But last night I actually finally found myself agreeing with something the President said! It was a tiny little thing, but I am rejoicing in the moment.

What did we agree on, you ask? That the border to Mexico shouldn't be closed to contain the spread of swine flu.

The President said that was not the answer, using the arguments of top officials to say that closing the border now doesn't stop the spread of the virus in the US.
I heard that and thought, "Yes, that's exactly what I've been saying. There are already nearly 100 cases in the United States. At this point it's going to spread on its own here. Closing the border isn't going to contain anything - unless you quarantine Texas and New York and California and all the other states with outbreaks."

As for the rest of the news conference... let's just not go there, okay? I think it's better for my health to just ignore most of what gets said in Washington these days, anyway.

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  • Sherry

    I think you have the perfect solution, find what you can agree with and try to ignore the disagreements as much as possible.