Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Getting Things Done!

I have found that my wife works best when she has lists of specific things to do. So earlier in the month, we made a list of things to do before Pearl's born. They included the following items, which are actually being done by both of us, not just my 38-weeks-pregnant wife:

  • clean conservatory (almost done)

  • clean fridge (effectively done, all of the really gross stuff is out)

  • inventory freezer (done)

  • tackle piles (done)

  • catch up on laundry (doing)

  • dishes (doing)

  • find places for baby stuff (effectively done)

  • return returnable items (not done)

  • buy remaining diapering needs (cloth, that is. Will be taken care of by either us or my parents)

  • find crisis pregnancy center (done, donated a bunch of stuff-that-we-didn't-need-but-didn't-come-with-a-receipt :P)

  • steam clean carpet (done)

  • get food for Luna (we're switching her off the raw diet until we are confident she is trained not to lick Pearl's face)

  • clean bathroom (doing)

  • get guest bedroom ready (almost done)

  • general house cleaning and de-clutter (doing)

  • finish writing thank-you notes (partially done)

  • Sow fall seeds (hopefully by this weekend)

That's just the stuff that was on the list that we made earlier. We have yet to install the car seat. We ought to make some key copies too, in case my parents get here and we aren't home yet.

Yesterday, we made an early labor grocery list. The list consists of foodstuffs that we will be taking to the hospital with us. These include things like soy milk yogurt smoothies (for her, for the probiotics), yogurt, pitas (and hummus if we don't have any), vitamin water (for her), Powerade (for me), eggs for hard boiling, maybe some shelled pistachios (for her, for protein+energy), and some other stuff which I might be forgetting.

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