Friday, May 08, 2009

I must be an amazing tutor

My most recent O-Chem student got an A in her second semester of Organic. She also got an A in first semester, as my student. Somehow, she managed to do what I did not. I got B's in both semesters of Organic Chemistry. ;-) Now if only I could go back and redo those two semesters, I would so get straight A's!

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  • eeyore-fan

    That's great!! :)

  • Laura

    Yay for you! (I mean her!)

    Okay, well, yay for both of you!

    This bodes well for your career as a homeschool mom. ;-)

  • Alan

    Now what you need is a web site to announce testimonials from past students. Maybe you could get connected with the university's chemistry department so they can refer folks to you... assuming you aren't already booked up!

  • Harmony

    That's assuming I don't retire while I'm ahead. ;-)

  • Sherry

    I could have used a tutor like you.