Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Bionic Baby

At two weeks old, she is able to:
*hold her head up, and have partial control over head movements
*hold her body a couple of inches off the ground with her arms (in sort of a mini push-up)
*"walk", by holding part of her body weight on one foot, and then switching to the other foot (assisted - she's not that crazy-strong!)
*roll from her back onto her side (and presumably from her side onto her belly, but since she was rolling towards the edge of a table we stopped that before she displayed her full strength ;-)

... and more. The rolling incident took place at a LLL meeting a few days ago. I turned my head for one minute in order to pull out a wipe, and I hear gasps and someone lunging towards the table behind me. When I turned around she was being braced by the LLL leader, who gave me a look and said, "She shouldn't be able to do that!" in a shocked sort of way. Yeah, I know. I've been getting that response since I was 20 weeks pregnant and the midwife felt how hard she was kicking. I told her that JM had been feeling her move since 18 weeks and she sort of laughed it off like I was joking or like he had just felt a gas bubble. Then she felt it herself.

Maybe we should have called her Samson (Sam-soon? haha*) instead of Pearl, and never cut her hair or let her eat grapes or touch dead bodies. ;-)

*Sam-soon is the name of the title character in a wildly popular Korean tv show. It's a very funny sounding girl's name.

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5 have poured out their souls in electronic text:

  • Alan

    She-ra, Princess of Power!

  • Anne Marie@Married to the Empire

    Wow! I don't know a lot about babies, but I do know this is very early for her to be able to do all that!

    Maybe she's meant to be a gymnast!

  • CappuccinoLife

    Wow! She' gonna be one of those kids who keeps you *really* busy! :)

  • Headmistress, zookeeper

    This sounds a lot like a letter I wrote my grandparents about our first baby. My kids laugh at me, but she really was that amazingly strong. The first time she rolled over like that, I had my head turned, too, and I blinked and shook my head, thinking that maybe I just hadn't remembered whether I put her down on her tummy or back. Then a week later she did it again.

    I have a nephew who was the same. His Grandma told my sister-in-law, "IF you wanted a baby, you need to have another one. This one came out half grown."=)

  • Julie

    That reminds me of the first time I walked into the hospital nursery to greet our son only a few hours old. (We were adopting him). I said, "Hi Jonathan!" and he picked up his head and focused his gorgeous eyes right on me for a full minute.
    The nurse about fell out. She said she'd never seen a newborn do that. LOL