Monday, August 10, 2009

Great Baby Books

Pearl is just over 2 months old, and so I figured it was about time to start reading baby books to her. I have been reading aloud to her from both my books and the Bible since birth, but while I think it's important to read more mature books to her so that she can get the feel for language (and so I don't go crazy by not being able to read all day), I also would like to read books to her that she can enjoy right now.

Currently I have introduced 2 board books to her. One is a book on colors. She is ambivalent about it. Some pages seem to engage her, others seem to bore her out of her mind. The second book, Peek-a Who?, is receiving rave reviews. She stares transfixed at the pages, and never fusses while I'm reading it.

Other books that we own but have not yet read to her include Big Red Barn, Goodnight Moon, and several Boynton books. I am not entirely convinced that she would appreciate these yet, but if you have first-hand experience that proves me wrong, I would love to know about it!

I'm planning a library run sometime this week, and I need more book suggestions. What books did your children enjoy at this age?

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  • Sherry

    You enjoyed me reading ANYTHING to you at this age & older. My other daughter didn't want to stay in my lap long enough to turn one page. Both of you learned to read before kindergarten, so I am convinced you just liked sitting there & hearing someone read, or maybe just liked being held. As you know, Dr. Seuss played a prominent role in first readings, as did Eric Carle's "The Hungry Caterpillar" and the many Golden Books, especially the one about God & Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Child's Garden of Verses". Also, "Are you my Mother?", by PD Eastman, I think, was quite popular.

  • alice

    The DK Board Book series are great. And there are a series called Baby Faces. Babies learn and enjoy looking at other babies early on. The Baby Faces books have pictures of babies with: hats, toys, different moods...really cute. They used to make my boys laugh and they would try to copy the facial expressions. I agree with Sherry, Eric Carle books are great. Lots of rhyming patterns, vivid colors. I used to read books to both boys when they were babies...it was a real time of bonding and fun. And both were very verbal and read very early. Alice

  • Rachel

    J's favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. She always picks out this book when it's time for a bedtime story. She also likes Baby Touch and Feel Zoo's Who. And she laughs when I read Mr.Brown Can Moo Can You?. She really enjoys the sound effect. I take her to infant storytime at the library, and they always read Peek-A-Moo. All of the kids love it.

  • Birdie

    "Prayer For a Child" by Rachel Field, Beatrix Potter books, Richard Scary Books (the really old stories are the best) and nursery rhymes have been among our favorites.

  • Elizabeth

    Harmony & Junk Male,

    before I had my own kids, I was in a gospel meeting where the speaker showed a slide of 2 kids. One said, "Peter and John? I've never seen them on Sesame Street!" or something like that. I determined then that my children's bookcases would have just as much literature about moral and Biblical topics as other parent approved books. I've found great volumes at Dollar Tree, thrift stores, and clearances. Just check to make sure that you aren't surprised by any views that conflict with what you find in scripture. One thing that my boys and I really enjoyed was reading a passage from "Little Visits with God". There were some things that led to discussions (terms that we don't use in the coc) and as the boys have gotten older, I sometimes get books with things that we do differently to discuss with my guys.

    I do rotate the selection in our "Bible bag" and at home. I really liked only letting our kids have books on Bible topics at services because we tried to stress to them that it was God's time, not our time, on the Lord's day. That was easier if we didn't have to compete with Blue's Clues, etc. during worship. Now our youngest are 7 years old and I try to get some new books before each gospel meeting or other occasion when they will have to sit quietly for longer than they are accustomed.

    For other books, I would just encourage you to read them first or at the same time as Pearl grows up. My mom's gone now, but I loved it when we were reading the same books. I do the same for my kids now, even their assigned school reading.

    I love sharing my "classics" with the kids and finding new ones to enjoy with them :)

  • Harmony

    Elizabeth: we have a couple of children's Bible books (one in Korean and one in English), but for the most part we've just been including Pearl in our evening Bible reading. I don't like the idea of letting children read from secular books during church, either. It seems to defeat the purpose of having children with you in service, IMO. Or course, currently Pearl insists on eating or sleeping during every service, so we don't really have experience trying to keep a baby still and quiet yet. ;-) We're very lucky to have an excellent cry room that has the sermon piped in so I don't miss too much of what's going on. And I make a special point of singing along with the hymns even when we're in the cry room and I'm all alone. It's strange to just hear my voice singing alto (usually I sing soprano when I'm alone, but at church I always sing alto), but I believe it's important to participate in the worship as much as I'm able.

  • CappuccinoLife

    Hey, it's never too early. :) If we were enjoying Pilgrim's Progress at around 5 in our house, I think Goodnight Moon would be perfect for an infant. :p

    I bet your little one would love boardbook versions of Eric Carle's books. So bright and eye-catching.

    I've been meaning to tell you about a book my mom got for us, It's called "Be-bim-bop" and I forget the author. But it's a lovely Korean family (that prays over their supper), and a child helping her mom prepare that dish. The recipe's in the back. When I saw it I immediately thought of y'all!

  • Harmony

    Our library has that book! That's definitely one we want to read. Thanks for the recommendation, Maggie!